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KN990 HF All Mode Transceiver

KN990 HF All Mode Transceiver

KN990 is a short wave full segment transceiver with medium frequency DSP technology.

Hardware: BA6BF – Software: Droid Zhang

KN-990 HF 0.1~30MHz SSB/CW/AM/FM/DIGITAL IF-DSP Amateur Ham Radio Transceiver

KN990 designed with IF DSP similar to Yaesu FT-891, IF span & IF shift are adjustment easy and easier to use and more intuitionistic than FT-891.

KN990 support Chinese and English language. All the operation are easy and directly

The firmware can be updated by USB cable very handy


  • 3.5 inch LCD, without touch fuction
  • Frequency range: Reception: 0.1~30MHz
  • transmitting : Amateur shortwave band
  • Working mode: SSB/CW/AM/FM/DIGITAL
  • Receiving sensitivity: 0.2uV
  • Minimum frequency step: 10Hz
  • Working voltage: 12~15V DC
  • Current parameter: RX 0.4A – TX 4A @Max
  • Whole machine size: 160X80X220 (mm) [excluding protrusion]
  • Transmitting power: rated 15 watts
  • Modulation mode: all mode digital modulation and demodulation.
  • Stray suppression system: more than 45dBc
  • Carrier suppression: greater than or equal to 45dBc
  • Selectivity: all mode bandwidth is continuously adjustable (minimum bandwidth adjustment step 10Hz)

KN990 HF All Mode Transceiver

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