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mirics SDR USB Dongle FlexiTV MSi3101SDR USB Dongle FlexiTV™ MSi3101

MSi3101 – RF-to-USB Front-end

The MSi3101 silicon front-end, when paired with a software demodulator, enables broadcast TV, radio and GPS reception targeting processor-based platforms such as notebook computers. The MSi3101 comprises Mirics’ proven multi-band FlexiRF™ tuner (MSiooi), and Mirics’ USB interface chip (MSiasoo). The FlexiRF tuner enables low-power multi-standard broadcast reception, whilst the USB interface chip simplifies interfacing to a host processor by integrating standard USB2.o connectivity. Optimized for Mirics’ FlexiTV™ platform, the MSi3101 is also ideal for broadcast receiver applications using 3rd party software demodulation.

mirics FlexiTV™ MSi3101 SDR USB Dongle


Complete software receiver front-end solution

  • FlexiRF tuner (MSi001) and host digital interface (MSi2500)
  • Optimized for FlexiTV, ideal for custom solutions

Multi-band coverage

  • LW to L-band (150KHz to 1.9GHz)
  • Supports broadcast TV, radio and GPS bands

High-performance, highly integrated architecture

  • Low noise, high linearity tuner
  • On-chip dual analog-to-digital convertors

Small solution footprint

  • Low external component count
  • On-chip USB PHY and controller

Standards compliant

  • •USB2.0 (High Speed) connectivity


Software demodulation-based broadcast receivers:

  • Notebook, netbook and desktop PCs
  • Graphics cards
  • Portable consumer devices

KEY BENEFITS (paired with software demodulator)

Lowest cost broadcast receiver platform

  • E.g. FlexiTV broadcast receiver BoM less than US$5

Supports 3rd party software demodulators

  • Standard USB interfacing enables support for custom software demodulation solutions

Enables OEM single-platform strategy

  • Single solution for worldwide deployment

Performance margin to latest broadcast standards

  • Robust ‘real-world’ signal reception

SDR USB Dongle FlexiTV MSi3101

MSi3101 SDR USB Dongle Contents List

MSi3101 SDR USB dongle reference design should include:

  • MSi3101 SDR USB Dongle
  • MCX – Antenna interface cable
  • Software and Documents CD

Software and Documents CD Contents List

Software and Documents CD contains the following files:

  • Latest copy of the software
  • Software release notes
  • User guide

PC Requirements

The host computer must meet the following requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Vista 32bit/64bit
  • Intel dual core processor, e.g. Core2Duo 2.0 GHz or higher
  • High Speed USB 2.0 port

Performance Recommendations

For the optimum viewing experience and enhanced multi-tasking we would recommend a processor faster than the minimum stated above. Other factors such as the power management settings may reduce the available CPU processing power leading to a poor user experience with some DVB-T signals. As such it is recommended that the «Power Options» (available through the Control Panel) are set to «High Performance» mode.

Other resources:

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