IC-705 Mods

| octubre 7, 2020

IC-705 Mods – TX modification

IC-705 Mods. To expand the TX frequency range of the IC-705 the diodes D921 and D935 from the diode matrix on the backside of the main unit need to be removed.

IC-705 Diode Matrix

IC-705 MOD

ICOM IC-705 for transmission – EU European version

IC-705 MARS/CAP mod

The transceiver remains open for transmission in the following areas:

  • 1,600 – 54,000
    68,000 – 74,800
    118,000 – 174,000
    400,000 – 470,000

Remarks: no power output at 70MHz

Autor: DJ7AQ

Icom IC-705 TX mod for 5Mhz

mod for TX 5Mhz (5.255 – 5.405MHz). by PA2DB

Take out the diode marked in red

5Mhz mod for ICOM IC-705

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