Yaesu FT1XD

yaesu_FT1XD_frontYaesu FT1XD

Next-generation digital transceiver FT1XD/FT1D with many of the new features of digital photography

  • 144/430 MHz 5W output flat-panel dual-band d/a (digital/analog) handheld transceiver.
  • Used in digital communication equipment for professional use excellent latest digital modulation scheme C4FM (FSK 4) adopted
  • FT1XD/FT1D is usually analog FM mode with three different digital modes can be selected. You can enjoy the communication according to circumstances and purposes.
  • AMS capabilities from analog FM and digital communication modes three modes of communication with communication can automatically
  • Image data can be transferred quickly, taking snapshots with a simple operation to connect optional camera speaker mic MH-85 A11U
  • With smart navigation features that enable real time navigation and back on track by taking advantage of the benefits of digital transmission location data
  • Digital Group monitor (DIGITAL GM) can verify the communication within or outside by the call letters of a member function
  • For the C4FM digital has evolved, new generation WIRES-X
  • At the top of the unit standard with high-precision, high-sensitivity GPS antenna
  • Quasi-Zenith satellite michibiki, adapted 66 channels provide Coronation time speed, positioning accuracy improvement by high-precision, high-sensitivity GPS (FT1XD)
  • Waterproof rain or splashing water resistant 10 minutes (anti-Jet) of IPX5 waterproof design
  • 2 band / same band 2 wave at the same time receiving respond differently (V+V / U + U/V+U)
  • AF DUAL receiver, am/FM radio listening listen 2 wave amateur bands at the same time, you can receive
  • APRS 1200 / 9600 bps® to communicate (information, sender, message transmission, SmartBeaconing ™ compatible)
  • 504kHz~999.99MHz continuous receiver available wide band receiver.
  • AM radio broadcasting for receiving internal bar antenna
  • Vibrator alert you receive in vibration
  • Field switching lighting using white LEDs is useful
  • Micro SD card slot comes standard with side
  • Various types of data communication for data terminal
  • GPS logger PC map software such as in, you can view the path

Expanding the digital ham radio fun appeal of 12.5 kHz C4FM digital

Amateur radio as well as by the v/UHF band digital communication speech intervened in the new era of digital data communications.

12.5 kHz C4FM digital adopted FT1XD/FT1D combines powerful error correction capabilities cultivated by commercial radio, high-quality mode, image communication and GPS location information and voice at the same time Internet communication by the smart navigation feature to communicate in real time, digital group monitor checks automatically whether or not in the range of several fellow, digital wires WIRES-X etc Has a wealth of useful and fun features to digital.

Yaesu Yaesu tradition thus boasts a rich digital C4FM digital mode in addition to analog FM, received better battery consumption is less long-running operations to enable superior Analog RF circuit design techniques are introduced. For a long time in close communication in a location surrounded by weak signal mountain jamming-resistant high-sensitivity receiver the transmitter to guarantee high output stable, such as the power supply where there are no such operations, effectively using analog FM transmission.

Yaesu FT1XD

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