VGC VR-N75 Two Way Radio

A radio VR-N75 with GPS+BDS supports position and direction display.

VGC VR-N75 Two Way Radio

What is VGC VR-N75 Two Way Radio?

VGC VR-N75 two way radio comes with short messages via radio signal, GPS+Beidou double star positioning, location sharing, voice playback, map track, direction coordinates, distance display, speed information, temperature information, compass, altitude position , recording relay, network relay, Relay link and other emergency communication functions.

 What problems can VR-N75 solve?

1. GPS + Beidou positioning system

VR-N75 comes with GPS+Beidou dual-star positioning system, no external support is required.

Realize location sharing, map display, and track playback. And can realize Chinese and English short message sending and receiving, picture sending, offline map positioning, movement track display, voice playback and other functions without the network.

2. Position direction display   

VR-N75 supports position and direction display. The 1.77-inch color screen displays the distance, speed, latitude and longitude, altitude, direction, temperature and other information of teammates.

And can clearly point out the teammate’s orientation based on their position, and the arrow will automatically track the direction of the target at a glance.

3. Teammate location SMS         

VR-N75 supports the SMS function of teammate’s location information. Whenever a teammate calls, the screen will receive the detailed information of the teammate’s location and orientation, and form a list of SMS messages for query.

4. Mobile APP writing frequency, programming

The user can directly set all the frequency and function parameters of the walkie-talkie through the mobile phone APP, the operation is simple and convenient, and it is clear at a glance.

5. Radio and network forwarding function  

In emergency situations, the signal from the area without network can be transferred to the area with network, and then the command center can be transferred by the Internet to realize the mutual transfer between radio and network.

6. Bluetooth headset can be connected   

It can be connected to any Bluetooth headset that is standard for mobile phones on the market, without special Bluetooth, which is very convenient.

And a Bluetooth headset can be connected to the mobile phone at the same time, the phone function and the intercom function do not affect each other, and the priority can also be set through the APP.

7. Suitable for harsh environments       

VR-N75 is suitable for use in various outdoor and harsh environments.It meets IP67 waterproof and dustproof standard requirements., and can stand still in 1 meter deep water without water.

8. Convenient charging method       

VR-N75 directly uses TYPE C charging port, which can be directly charged with power bank and mobile phone charger, which is very convenient

Who is suitable for this Radio?

Suitable for rescue teams, outdoor travel enthusiasts, hunting, radio enthusiasts, off-road teams, cycling enthusiasts, etc. who need outdoor GPS positioning

VR-N75 Main Specifications

Frequency Range:UHF 136-174/400-470MHz(Single band)

Channel No.:16 X N (N≧1)

Output Power :≤4 W

Channel Space:25KHz 、12.5KHz

Operating voltage:3.7 V

battery capacity:5200 mAh

Charging port:TYPE-C

Operation method:Full function APP operation

FM Radio:FM 88-108MHz

Frequency stability:±2.5ppm

Operating temperature:-20~+60℃

Size :58(W)x125(H)x35(D)mm (without antenna)

Weight :Radio Body 150g Battery 120g

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