uBITX Fixed bugs found

uBITX Fixed bugs found

I am an embedded programmer, but I first tried arduino. Arduino knew only that it was used for learning purposes. However, it is based on C and it seems to have considerable applicability. In particular, a concise structure makes it easy to write code.I found some error, but easy fixed because of very small bug.

1. CW Side Tone Configuration – Error

There is no response when PTT is pressed after CW side tone is set. but this is very simple problem, i fixed code and send information to administrator of uBITX source code

before fixed code

while (digitalRead(PTT) == LOW || !btnDown())
 knob = enc_read();
 if (knob > 0 && sideTone < 2000)
 sideTone += 10;
 else if (knob < 0 && sideTone > 100 )
 sideTone -= 10;
 continue; //don't update the frequency or the display
 tone(CW_TONE, sideTone);
 itoa(sideTone, b, 10);
 //save the setting
 if (digitalRead(PTT) == LOW){
 printLine2("Sidetone set! ");
 EEPROM.put(CW_SIDETONE, usbCarrier);
 sideTone = prev_sideTone; 
 when loop condition is digitalRead(PTT) = LOW but save setting condition is if  (digitalRead(PTT) == LOW)

fixed =>
while (digitalRead(PTT) == HIGH && !btnDown())
knob = enc_read();

2. Alignment and point position problem when displaying frequency

Source link

3.Frequency Limit Error
defined variable frequency has unsigned long type
when frequency is decrease by dial(Knob), if frequency is less then 0, frequency is overflow

Error when changing frequency in uBITX(Before fixed)

Fixed bug

4. And fixed more bugs…


source code is https://github.com/phdlee/ubitx
Compiled firmware and an easy way to upgrade are coming soon.
You do not have to worry because you can go back to the original firmware at any time.

KD8CEC / Ph.D Ian lee

Source link

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