Tecsun PL-368

Tecsun PL-368 is the improved version of the PL-365

Tecsun PL-368. 50% special discount price of DSP multiband receiver was first unveiled to the public at the Shanghai International Hi-Fi Expo in late 2020.

Tecsun presents the PL-368 in 2 colors: black/anthracite and in trendy orange/yellow.

New Features on the PL-368

What are the improvements of PL368 radio over PL365?

A numeric keyboard has been added, allowing you to directly enter the radio frequency. For FM and AM, this seems irrelevant, because these two bands cover a narrow frequency range, and the target frequency can be adjusted to the target frequency with a few turns of the frequency tuning thumbwheel on the right side of the fuselage.

However, when listening to shortwave, the flaws of not having a numeric keyboard are undoubtedly revealed. Because a radio station usually broadcasts frequencies in multiple meter bands, if you want to switch frequencies, first switch to the corresponding meter band, and then continuously rotate the frequency tuning thumbwheel to adjust the frequency.

Several back and forth came down, the thumbs were all aching. I think PL365 users have similar bad experiences. Now, PL368 is equipped with a numeric keyboard, and the frequency can be quickly called up by directly pressing the corresponding number, which greatly improves the use efficiency.

The BL-5C lithium battery is used instead of the traditional AA battery. Perhaps some of my friends still prefer the AA battery, but it is precisely because of the BL-5C ultra-thin lithium battery that the PL368’s external speaker can move down to make room for the numeric keyboard.

The lower part of the PL365’s fuselage is completely occupied by the sturdy AA battery, and the external speakers can only be moved up, making the space on the upper part of the fuselage even more stretched, and there is no extra place to arrange the numeric keyboard. Now, this problem is solved by BL-5C lithium battery.

Needless to say, many people are worried about the battery life of BL-5C. I have tested it on the PL330, and the battery life of the BL-5C is about 12.5 hours at moderate loudness. Since the PL368’s loudspeaker has a much smaller caliber than the PL330, and its output power is relatively less, correspondingly, its endurance will be extended accordingly. As for how long it can last, wait for my evaluation in the next few days.

Electronic volume is used instead of traditional volume potentiometer. PL368 is equipped with a 30-level electronic volume, and there is a clear sense of gear when turning the volume adjustment knob. It also has the characteristics of intelligence, similar to PL330, when the earphone is unplugged, the volume automatically rises to level 6; when the earphone is plugged in, the volume automatically changes to level 7.

In addition, the size and thickness of the volume adjustment knob are exactly the same as the frequency tuning knob. In contrast, the volume adjustment knob of PL365 is the most common traditional volume potentiometer. There is no sense of gear when turning, and it is very smooth. This knob is one size smaller than the frequency tuning knob and is thinner.

Equipped with a Micro-USB external power socket. The external power socket on the previous generation PL365 is MINI-USB, which is obviously outdated. Now the masses use either Micro-USB plug data cable, or Type-C data cable, MINI-USB data cable Has withdrawn from the mainstream.

Can use a more compatible data cable, I think most people will not be superfluous and prepare a MINI-USB cable. Therefore, PL368 is equipped with Micro-USB external power socket to ensure good adaptability and versatility.

Added fast step and slow step switching function. The smart jog shuttle on the PL310ET, PL380 and the previous generation PL365 has caused many radio enthusiasts to complain. The speed control is extremely difficult to master, and the user experience is very bad.

PL368 follows the steps of PL330 closely, cancels the intelligent stepping shuttle, and gives users the right to choose fast stepping or slow stepping. This improvement is worthy of recognition.

Equipped with enhanced ETM function. The enhanced ETM function on the PL330 has made users very addicted. The shortwave can store 24 sets of ETM frequencies and the medium wave can store 6 sets, making it more convenient to listen to programs than before. PL368 inherited this bright feature, while the previous generation PL365 can only store one set of ETM frequencies in each band, which pales in comparison.

Newly added synchronous detection function. The synchronous detection function of PL368 is implemented in the DSP chip, rather than by adding relevant circuits like Sony ICF-2010, ICF-7600GR, PL660 and other radios.

Therefore, when this function is enabled, the sound compression is relatively strong. , More muffled and unnatural hearing. However, it still has a certain effect. With the help of synchronous detection upper sideband or synchronous detection lower sideband, it can indeed separate some adjacent stations that are too close. Faced with this new feature, PL365 can only lament that “people have nothing but others”.

The function of sorting saved frequencies is also added to PL368. This function, which was first implemented on the PL660 radio, has appeared on the subsequent mid-to-high-end models without exception. PL880, PL990, and H501 all have its presence.

On the recently listed PL330, it was not absent either. For enthusiasts who like to listen to medium wave and short wave, and are accustomed to listening on-demand frequencies, this function can treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, allowing the frequencies to be arranged in order from low to high. The previous generation PL365 can only say silently: Lao Liang, this is not fair!

The whip antenna has become thinner, but longer. The whip antenna of PL368 is divided into 6 sections, 2 sections less than PL365, and it is not as sturdy as the latter, but its total length is actually 20 cm longer. An antenna is an inch long and an inch strong.

This obviously benefits the PL368’s FM and shortwave signal reception. It should also be noted that the antenna cap of PL368 is a standard cylinder, while the antenna cap of PL365 has a wide top and a narrow shape.

The screen display font is smaller and more slender. The screen size of PL368 and PL365 is generally the same. However, because the content displayed by PL368 is more abundant and diverse than that of PL365, for example, the symbol of synchronous detection has been added, and the accuracy of single sideband frequency display has been increased to 10HZ.

Under the premise that the area size remains the same, the displayed font can only be reduced. In terms of direct perception, the font displayed by PL368 should be one size smaller overall.

Tecsun PL-368 Advantages:

  • Full band: global broadcasting system
  • SSB minimum step 10Hz
  • SYNC synchronous detection
  • DSP digital signal processing
  • Smart meter band display
  • 9K/10K medium wave step selection
  • Keyboard lock function
  • ETM+ convenient tuning
  • ATS automatic station search/save station
  • Memorize 850pcs stations
  • FM coverage 64-108MHz, 87-108MHz
  • RSSI & SNR
  • Broadband/Narrowband AM bandwidth selection
  • Direct input frequency/address
  • Smart sleep shutdown
  • Timing boot
  • Thermometer
  • FM stereo
  • Smart screen lighting
  • Lithium battery powered
  • USB smart charging

Function Introduction:

– Friendly human-machine interface and easy operation

– Can receive FM stereo, medium wave, long wave, short wave, single sideband (SSB) communication signals

– Use modern DSP digital demodulation technology to improve listening sensitivity, selectivity, signal-to-noise ratio and anti-interference ability

– FM reception range 64-108MHz, suitable for global FM broadcast reception

– Shortwave single sideband (SSB) minimum step 10Hz, upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB) are received independently

– Apply synchronous detection technology to suppress adjacent channel interference

– 7 ways to select channels: convenient tuning (ETM+), automatic search and browse radio frequency, automatic search and browse stored radio stations, manual search for radio frequency (VF), manual search for stored radio stations (VM), direct input of frequency numbers, direct input of saved radio station’s address number

– Enhanced convenient tuning (ETM+), ETM is carried out in the unit of hour for short wave and 6 time periods for medium wave, which is more convenient for tuning

– It can store up to 850 radio frequencies manually, semi-automatically and fully automatic (ATS), among which 100 frequency points for FM/long wave/single sideband/synchronous detection can be stored, 150 for medium wave, and 300 for short wave

– Multifunctional display: It can display the working status of radio frequency, electric field intensity, signal-to-noise ratio, temperature, battery capacity, etc.

– Adopt high-quality and high-sensitivity speakers, beautiful sound, you can use headphones to hear FM stereo

– With broadcast timing automatic power-on function

– Very user-friendly power switch function: you can set automatic shutdown after 1-120 minutes after booting, or cancel automatic shutdown function

– With medium wave external antenna socket

– Powered by lithium battery or USB power supply, or be charged

Performance Parameters:

Frequency range and tuning step:

  • Long wave (LW): 153-513kHz
  • Medium Wave (MW): 520-1710kHz/522-1620kHz
  • Shortwave (SW1): 1711-29999kHz
  • Frequency Modulation (FM): 64-108MHz/76-108MHz/87-108MHz/88-108MHz

Noise limit sensitivity:

  • Long wave (S/N=26dB): <10mV/m
  • Medium wave (S/N=26dB): <1mV/m
  • Shortwave (S/N=26dB): <20μV
  • Frequency modulation (S/N=30dB): <3μV Selectivity: * Long wave: >60dB
  • Medium wave: >60dB
  • Shortwave: >60dB
  • Frequency modulation: >60dB
  • Locking range of synchronous detection frequency: ±1kHz
  • Intermediate frequency (DSP): AM 45kHz; FM 128KHz
  • FM stereo separation: ≥35dB
  • Speaker: diameter 40mm, 16Ω, 0.5W

Storable frequency address (excluding ETM):

  • Longwave/FM: 100 each
  • Single sideband/synchronous detection: 100 each
  • Medium Wave: 150
  • Shortwave: 300

Maximum output power: about 350mW

Quiescent current:

  • Long wave/medium wave/frequency modulation: <25mA
  • Shortwave: <45mA
  • Standby current: <90μA

Power supply:

  • 3.7V (one BL-5C lithium battery)
    External DC power supply USB Micro Type-B 5V current ≥500mA

Product size: 162x53x26mm (The telescopic antenna is stowed, without the size of the external magnetic rod antenna)
Net weight: about 130g (excluding the weight of the external magnetic rod antenna of the lithium battery box)

Price and availability

2021 Tecsun PL-368 US $78.99 discount from -50%

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