Direct SAMPLING HF/6M/VHF Transceiver

Availability: In stock – Save EUR 250.00 on the new SunSDR2 DX during the Winter DX Offer!!

  • 100W HF; 50W 6M; 8W 2M
  • Professional TX processing module TCI interface
  • Remote control – RX and TX S02R/S02V modes
  • 10 ms CW MON delay
  • High-performance DSP module
  • User friendly ExpertSDR2 software Windows, macOS, Linux support

The SunSDR2 DX transceiver based on the well-known SunSDR2 PRO transceiver with several hardware improvements. It is a 100W-HF; 50W-6M; 8W-2M transceiver, very compact, has a separate connector for active cooling and improved supply system, meaning it’s perfectly suited for DXpeditions.

Also, we’ve added separate connectors for GPS/GLONASS antenna and external ATU, thus SunSDR2 DX has all the functionality you got used to in our radios and even more. Improved hardware along with the ExpertSDR2 software makes this high-performance SDR transceiver the perfect base station. The evident choice for a true contester!


fotos by: Василий Васильев


is controlled by

the ExpertSDR2 software


Hardware improvements in comparison to SunSDR2 PRO:

•    Improved supply system, which leads to less heating and less power consumption

•    HPF for VHF (100 MHz) and LPF for HF (70 MHz)

•    Better VHF LNA chip – PGA103+

•    Sturdy DIP-type ExtCtrl connector

•    New connectors: external tuner control, GPS/GLONASS antenna, GND

•    Improved PCB topology Features of the transceiver:

•    2 HF antenna connectors and separate VHF antenna connector (Mini UHF connectors)

•    ExtCTRL connector to control external devices with 8 powerful keys with open collector

•    ALC connector for external power amplifiers

•    Supports use of VHF transverters

Price: 2,140  2,390 

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