Magnetic Loop Antenna. Portable HF with automatic tuning


We took classic Magnetic Loop and made it better.

Lightweight and sturdy body, modular design, universal control interface – unique options for most of shortwave antennas

10-30 MHz band

Antenna covers telegraph and phone bands, as well as many digital radio bands


Total height of antenna doesn’t exceed 1 m when assembled. Nothing compared to height of most dipole antennas

Automatic mode

Not semi, but trully automatic mode will set SWR 1.5 and better by applying carrier signal. Works in FM, AM, CW and even SSB!

The definition of low noise HF antenna

Compact design, two mounting types – to minimise or completely reduce HF radio noise.

Built-in tripod mount for vertical placing. Perfect for usage at open spaces

Detachable module allows horizontal installation. Turn it into proper balcony magnetic loop just in a matter of seconds.

Maximum cable length for automatic mode to operate correctly: 50 m

Magnetic Loop Antenna – SPIDERLOOP A100

Compact antenna designed for radio communication at 10-30 MHz frequency range with peak power of 70 W via transceivers with line impedance value of 50 Ohm. Antenna itself comprises two separate devices: signal emitter (antenna body) and loop tuner (control unit).

The key feature of SPIDERLOOP antenna series is «sharp» frequency resonance, which also appears as more narrow bandwidth at lower frequencies (e.g. 10 kHz (-3 dBi) bandwidth for 10 MHz frequency).

Antenna is designed for stationary or portable usage via receiving or transmitting-receiving radio equipment. Built-in standard tripod mount will help to install antenna vertically on open spaces; detachable tube mount allows installation on vertical surfaces or balcony in horizontal orientation.

Due to small size of antenna body, it is possible to orient away or simply distance antenna from local noise sources, which are usually generated by cheap electrical devices around. Noise reduction installation technique is described in the main part of user’s manual.

The goals when designing this model were to reconsider existing imperfections of compact antennas and to find the best solution for them. The result of our work is lightweight antenna with simple modular design, automatic loop tuner and truly compact implementation for given range of features. We are grateful for choosing us and wish you the best times on air with SPIDELROOP A100.

SPIDERLOOP magnetic loop antenna for sale


Antenna body

Frequency range: 10 – 30 MHz

Wave impedance: 50 Ohm Antenna power gain:

Frequency (MHz) Power gain (d Bi)
10 -2.5
14 0
18 +1.4
21 + 1.9
24 +2.3
28 +2.5

Impedance matching (SWR): less than 1:1.5 Polarization type:

•    Vertical installation: vertical and horizontal

•    Horizontal installation: horizontal Maximum output power: 70 W Output power (100% duty cycle): 50 W

Control unit

Tuning types: automatic, manual Tuning time (continuous transmission): 0.1 – 11 s Power exceed protection system delay: 10 ms Maximum cable length

•    Automatic mode: 50 m

•    Manual mode: not limited Minimal power (automatic mode): 3-7 W

Transceiver operating mode (automatic mode): FM, AM, CW, SSB Power: 12.5 ± 1.5 V, 0.6 A

Kit details

Kit weight: 2.5 kg (10 m cable included)

Mounting types:

•    Vertical installation: tripod mount, 1/4-20 UNC standard tripod thread

•    Horizontal installation: detachable module with slot for tube 25-40 mm diameter

Operating temperature:

•    Antenna body: from -20°C to +30°C

•    Control unit: from +10°C to +30°C Maximum wind speed allowed: 30 m/s


SPIDERLOOP Download Users manual (ENG)

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