solution bricked RT82 and TYT radios

Let’s revive a “bricked”: retevis rt-82, tyt md-2017, tyt md-9600, tyt uv380, tyt uv390

I have only tried this with an md2017 / RT82, but it should work also on a uv380/uv390.

No promises, use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any bricks etc. This is a quick and dirty process I came up with to revive radios that are being stubborn.

solution bricked RT82 and TYT radios


python 2.7, pyusb 1.0,
Supports: windows xp through win10 (32bit or 64bit).
Will also work on linux, just look in the bat files.

Download and extract this to a folder:

Connect radio to computer and turn on in normal mode (not dfu).

Make sure that the cps software can read from the radio, if it doesn’t, reflash the firmware in dfu first.

Once it does read in CPS, install the libusb driver to the radio device by running zadic.exe.

First lets back up your current flash just in case.. run READ.bat.

This will take many minutes.. be patient and just let it go until it finishes or crashes.. should output flashdump.bin and be around 121mb in size.

Restart radio.

Drag TyT_UV380.bin onto WRITE.bat.

Let it run, ignore the percentage values, everything is cool as long as its still moving. Be patient.

It will probably crash at the end with either an error or freeze. Don’t worry.. your radio is fine… Take the battery out
and put back in.

Radio should be fine now.

Plug into pc and turn on in normal mode, open device manager and open libusb section.

Right click the libusb device and hit uninstall, make sure to check box delete driver.

Restart radio and you are now back to normal, and with regular drivers.


Restart radio, try it again… KG5RKI

Other Downloads

TyMD380Toolz Documentation
MD380/MD390 non-GPS models (You don’t need this if you have TyteraFlashTool)
MD380/MD390 GPS models (You don’t need this if you have TyteraFlashTool)
Tytera Flash Tool v1.05 (MD380/MD390) – (All in one utility to update userDB and firmware)
Tytera Flash Tool v1.08c_BETA (MD380/MD390) – (All in one utility to update userDB and firmware)
MD380Toolz Android App (MD380/MD390) – (Utility to update firmware from android using OTG cable)

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