SenHaiX 8800

Professional Dual Band Two Way Radio

Dual band two way radio with flashlight and SOS function

SenHaiX 8800 - SHX-8800

SenHaiX 8800

Product Features

  • Power Output 5W
  • Dual Band
  • Dual Watch
  • Dual Standby
  • LED Flashlight
  • SOS Warning
  • DTMF Tone
  • ANI Code
  • PTT ID
  • FM Radio
  • Encryption
  • 1750Hz Tone
  • Customize Channel Names
  • Bluetooth Programming (Optional)


  • Dual Band Dual Standby Dual Watch: Display Mode: Frequency / CH+Frequency / CH+Name
  • Rugged and reliable, waterproof dustproof and shatterproof for us in harsh environments.
  • TPU Material with good elasticity and abrasion resistance, durable and smooth.
  • SOS Panic Button Alarms for Emergency Communications
  • Emergency Alarm Mode: Site/Tone/Code
  • LED Flashlight with SOS Strobe Function
  • Bluetooth Programming Function. You can modify the frequency, channel information function setting on the dedicated APP.
  • Standard Accessories: Battery, Antenna, Charger, Adaptor, Belt Clip, Hand Strap

Technical Specifications


Frequency Range UHF & VHF
Channel Capacity 128 Channels
Channel Step 25KHz (Wide Band), 12.5KHz (Narrow Band)
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Operating Voltage 7.4V DC  ± 20%
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ +60  ℃
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Dimension 134*60*38mm (with battery pack)
Weight 270g (with battery pack, antenna)


Wide Band

Narrow Band
Output Power 5W 5W
Modulation Mode 16KφF3E 8KφF3E
Adjacent Channel Power ≥65dB ≥60dB
Singal Noise Ratio ≤-40dB ≤-40dB
Parasitic Harmonic ≤65dB ≥60dB
Spurious Emission ≤-36dBm ≤-36dBm
Audio Response 300Hz-3KHz 300Hz-3KHz
Audio Distortion ≤5% ≤5%


Wide Band Narrow Band
Sensitivity -120dBm (20db SINAD) -120dBm (20db SINAD)
Intermodulation ≥60dB ≥55dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥60dB ≥55dB
Spurious Rejection ≥60dB ≥55dB
Audio Response 300Hz-3KHz 300Hz-3KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥45dB ≥40dB
Audio Distortion ≤5% ≤5%
Audio Output Power 1W 1W

Buy Price: 92.92 USD

Super Sport Intercom Review. National Fitness Day

What kind of walkie-talkie would you use in sports such as cycling, hiking, skiing, and adventure? In the country, almost all of the sports use commercial intercoms or amateur radio intercoms as the main use machine, there are few professional sports intercom (SPORT RADIO).

To adapt to the use of the scene, professional sports intercoms are usually more demanding than the home’s licenseless public walkie-talkie, more resistant to falling, more waterproof, communication distance is also far. Compared with common commercial walkie-talkies, professional sports intercoms are more convenient in functional design to facilitate operation.

On National Fitness Day (August 8), in response to the sports boom, Quanzhou Senhaixun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launched a SenHaiX Senhex 8800 professional sports intercom for the sports intercom market, and provides powerful features and hardware configuration that goes beyond general sports intercoms and commercial machines. In the author’s eyes, this is a super sports walkie-talkie.

It is called a super-sport intercom because this product not only has the transmit power performance of commercial professional intercom, but also supports VHF/UHF dual-band work and even includes FM radio and aviation band reception function, and does not even lose in function to the multi-functional amateur radio intercom.

And its manufacturer – Senhex, in the domestic public network intercom market is well-known, its public net intercom with high-quality high-performance, unique product design, is a radio enthusiast and unit user high-end public net walkie-talkie preferred intercom brand, its performance and function far exceed some of the big-name domestic public net intercom.

Shape and design

Senhex’s SHX-8800 looks impressive, with significant differences in both appearance color and structural design and additional functionality, as well as common commercial professional intercoms and amateur radio intercoms, and is designed exclusively for sports applications and outdoors.

The SHX-8800 has a long-striped appearance, easy to hold with thick gloves, and is about 134 x 60 x 38mm in volume and weighs about 270g of battery antenna. Its shape is medium to small in commercial intercoms, comparable to many amateur radio intercoms. For the Small Hand Holdings in Asia, the product has some details in the housing design to handle lines to enhance the stability and comfort of the grip.

The SHX-8800 looks striking, with orange-red accents with black line outlines and keyboard embellishments. The distinctive colors are the hallmarks of many sports intercoms, and the very conspicuous shell is easy to find in a pile of equipment, falling to the ground, rolling into corners, snow is easy to find, and can be worn on the body as a conspicuous sign. Foreign fire intercom specialuse yellow and fluorescent green shell is the same reason. At the same time, its keyboard has a backlight that is easy to operate in both light and dark environments.

In order to strengthen the impact resistance of the product, the SHX-8800 shell uses high-strength materials, the bottom of which is specially designed for a softer TPU material package, in the case of drop can play a certain cushioning role, improve the product’s anti-drop resistance. Intense movement, the falling of falling objects is common, it can be seen that the product in the design of the full consideration of the characteristics of the work scene.

At the headphone socket and the battery contact pole, the SHX-8800 design edging plug and ring play a certain waterproof effect, enhance the overall waterproof performance of the product. The manufacturer designed a waterproof and dust-proof rating of IP55, can achieve “prevent jet water invasion” (low-pressure spray), in skiing and short-term light rain and fog occasions are fully competent.

SenHaiX 8800 - SHX-8800

The SHX-8800’s battery system design is also unique. First, the combination of the battery block and the walkie-talkie is not a common press card structure but the use of a screw direct locking. This combination is more robust, with little separation of the battery from the host when the walkie-talkie accidentally drops.

It seems that the SHX-8800 as a motion intercom was designed with all kinds of drops and shocks in mind. Screw compression increases the tightness of the battery and body to improve water resistance. Second, the battery block itself has a separate Mirco USB charging port (and equipped with charging status indicators), can use the mainstream phone charger and even charging treasure to charge the battery, charging independently without intercom support.

The seat charger with the original package also supports two power inputs, one for regular 12V inputs and the other for a 5V Mirco USB input. This design allows the SHX-8800 to even share the phone charging device without having to consider a special charger and seat charge when you go out, while also solving the problem of emergency charging of the intercom. The SHX-8800 battery block uses a 1750mAH lithium polymer cell, which has a large battery capacity at this volume. In addition, in terms of details, fixed screws can be used with a dollar coin or nails to rotate and tighten, the screw itself has a cast design to prevent falling, even if released will not be separated from the battery block, the battery back design of a bump pattern increases grip friction.

The top layout of the SHX-8800 is simple and has only one volume and switch knob in operation. Knob around the space is large, one is convenient for the user to fool operation, the other is convenient for the user with gloves to operate. Walkie-talkie commonly used noise-cancelling settings, power settings through the menu to complete, channel/ frequency selection through the panel button to operate, to a certain extent, to prevent the user from mishandling, resulting in loss of communication.

SHX-8800 antenna base interface for commercial intercom commonly used SMA-J, antenna can be exchanged with some commercial machine antenna, equipped with a soft antenna, in use and the user when the antenna itself is not easy to break, nor easily puncture the user. In addition, in order to ensure vHF emission efficiency of the original antenna is relatively long, if you are mainly used in the 400MHz band, you can choose some shorter antennas.

The SHX-8800 has an optimized, very distinctive and creative flashlight design at the bottom, with a dedicated flashlight button switch on the body. It consists of a high-brightness patch LED main light and red and blue each of the patch LED side lights, and designed the overall reflective cover, so that the actual irradiated brightness greatly increased.

There are two main ways of working: the main light always on the lighting mode, the main light and red and blue two side lights flash alarm mode. However, to use the flashlight function, the intercom must be in the power-on state, if you can also use the flashlight function in the shutdown state is even better.

SHX-8800 flashlight brightness than the general domestic commercial intercom design in the top of a single LED flashlight much brighter, basically can meet the outdoor close-range road lighting.

Hardware and configuration

Disassembling THE SHX-8800 we can to his product waterproofing has a special strengthening of the treatment, in addition to the shell has waterproof ring, exposed knobs and shell bottom flashlight parts are used waterproof ring and waterproof glue are treated, the product IP55 waterproof performance is trustworthy. Internal motherboard wiring, PCB materials, key device selection are good, reflecting the style of the domestic factory, but also the product performance and durability of the basic guarantee.

SenHaiX 8800 - SHX-8800

The SHX-8800 supports reception and transmission in the 136-174MHz and 400-470MHz dual bands, as well as 65 to 108MHz FM radio reception. Manufacturers said that in the official version of the product will also include the aviation band reception features to increase the product sales abroad function, as well as the needs of foreign users. In addition, the SHX-8800 can display 2 operating frequencies and has a dual-frequency wait-and-choose function in the menu.

The SHX-8800 also has a more practical design, it is equipped with a second PTT function, under the main PTT has a small PTT button can be directly by-frequency emission. The SHX-8800 can operate in frequency mode and channel mode, switching by pressing the menu key implied operation, and generally using channel mode in fool mode is not easy to misadjust the frequency. It provides up to 128 channels of storage, and channels can be named after English/digital/Chinese, making it easy for users to confirm the purpose of the channel. For intercom player frequency mode supports direct keyboard frequency input, the maximum degree of freedom can also achieve frequency scanning to search for air radio signals.

SHX-8800 although designed as a motion intercom but in the transmission power is still in line with the domestic mainstream commercial intercom, manufacturers indicators VHF and UHF band are providing 5W transmission power, the actual instrument test below confirmed that this transmit power is not false, than imported motion intercom transmission power is much stronger, This also means a longer communication distance.

SHX-8800 is equipped with a color LCD screen of about 27 x 27mm as a display, suddenly in the user’s mind to improve the product grade. The display interface and menu system are designed to be simple and focused, with a clear view of the current operating frequency, the signal intensity and the dual frequency operating frequency.




Special features

In the design of special functions, the SHX-8800 can be said to lead the peer, such as sweep fast team function, Bluetooth write function, emergency alarm function.

The SHX-8800’s quick-sweep team function features a quick detection of close-range intercom operating frequencies including subtone parameters, which allows you to quickly join unfamiliar intercom groups. Although this function is called sweep ingress, it is not achieved by frequency scanning, but by a similar principle to the frequency meter.

The author tests a frequency, the walkie-talkie leaves three or five meters, the SHX-8800 can show the other intercom working frequency and subtone parameters in seconds.

This function is similar to the near-field scanning function of professional receiver Uniden. For amateur radio players who need to detect frequencies, it’s a super useful feature that eliminates the need for expensive spectrometers, and the SHX-8800 can be easily detected.

The SHX-8800 write frequency can be achieved via the fashionable Bluetooth wireless (optional function). Manufacturers provide dedicated APP, through Bluetooth and mobile phone connection can be the frequency, channel, function settings and other data configuration. The cumbersome write-frequency hardware configuration of the past can now be done on a mobile phone, anytime, anywhere can write fast.

The SHX-8800’s SOS alarm function can emit multiple alarm signals in emergency situations (local alarms and remote alarm items can be preset in the menu), including the speaker itself to sound an alarm sound, the walkie-talkie’s own hand-lit function into strobe alarm mode, the intercom to issue an alarm sound between the current main frequency, Send an alarm code, can be said to be the sound photoelectric trinity alarm. To start the SOS alarm, simply press and hold the side key of the flashlight function. In some long-distance sports activities SOS alarm and rescue function is still very practical.

Performance measured

The measured SHX-8800 transmit power is 4.6W in the 430MHz band with high power output, low power output of 3.0W, high power output of 4.9W in the 144MHz band, and 4.0W in low power output. The highest power output is no weaker than the mainstream commercial professional intercom son-in-line on the market. In fact, the low power is set to 1W or less, more practical in close communications applications. The author received is the engineering prototype, I believe in the official product size power set distribution will be more scientific. SHX-8800 in the 430MHz band RF stray control is very good, fully up to the level of commercial professional intercom, the measured second harmonic is better than -70dB, the third harmonic indicator is better.

THE SHX-8800 HAS HIGH SENSITIVITY, AND THE MEASURED SENSITIVITY IN THE 430MHZ AND 144MHZ BANDS IS BETTER THAN -123DBM, BETTER THAN THE GENERAL COMMERCIAL INTERCOM, AND IS THE SAME LEVEL AS THE MAINSTREAM AMATEUR RADIO INTERCOM. The SHX-8800 is equipped with an eye-catching receive signal strength meter, a favorite feature for amateur radio enthusiasts and walkie-talkies. The measured SHX-8800 is a 5-gauge independent step display with an indication range of -124 to 104dbm.

SHX-8800 dual-frequency waiting function, after testing it is actually by taking turns to scan two channels to achieve dual-frequency waiting, if one channel occupies another channel can not be received at the same time. Even so, in some applications, it is quite practical.

SHX-8800 USB charging current in 700 to 800mA or so, ordinary mobile phone with 5V1A charging head can be competent, ordinary charging bao power supply is no problem.

SHX-8800 call effect is good, voice clarity restores high, intercom loudness is high, and the effect is good in noisy environment. Menu design is simple and clear, the Chinese menu comes with voice prompts, high readability is easy to get started.

Use the feeling

For industry users, the SHX-8800 is easy to use and has a striking appearance and comfortable feel. The diverse working patterns are easy for sports team users to manage and maintain in a unified manner, and are not easy to mishandle. Its actual communication effect is good, whether it is communication distance or voice clarity loudness, are no weaker than commercial professional walkie-talkies, and anti-fall waterproof ingestant effect is outstanding, as an outdoor use is also very good. The SHX-8800 has voice control function, in some inconvenient manual applications using VOX voice control, with the headset microphone can achieve automatic switching to send and receive communications, which is more practical in some sports, such as cycling, skiing and so on.

For amateur radio users, the SHX-8800 has a high degree of freedom, wide operating frequency coverage, high output power, playable functions, a distinctive appearance, which is what HAM people like. Its sweep-frequency fast team function in the industry only a few walkie-talkies have, is a very fun and practical function.

In general, the SHX-8800 is not only a professional sports intercom, but also a cross-border walkie-talkie, both in terms of form and function, not only suitable for outdoor sports use but also suitable for amateur radio enthusiasts to play, as a civilian rescue team communication tools are also fully competent.

Buy Price: 92.92 USD

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