SDS200 Noise mitigation with aluminum foil

SDS200 Noise mitigation with aluminum foil

SDS200 OEM recommended manual repair of speaker hum, to more properly ground internal shielding to internal chassis, missed at the factory by a millimeters on some units.

SDS200 Noise Mitigation with Factory Part

Upman Posted:

“The video shows how to install the factory-supplied part to ground the LCD’s metal frame to the main chassis. In addition to this process, a firmware update will be issued that further addresses this. We understand that some people do not want to wait for this part. In that case, we have made another video showing how to use aluminum foil to craft a similar part. However, we do recommend that if you use that method, you get the actual part when it becomes available and replace the foil with the part.

The other video can be found at:

SDS200 Interim Fix with Foil


Performing either of these procedures will not void your warranty.”

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