SDR solution α-Infuser

The world’s first and the best pure automotive SDR solution for all digital radio standards

SDR solution α-InfuserThe RF2Digital, the DRM consortium member and an automotive true SDR solutions provider, launches SDR solution α-Infuser™” for all global digital radio standards on IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) system. The α-Infuser™ can support all existing digital radio standards such as DRM (for both AM and VHF bands), DAB /DAB+/DMB, CDR, ISDB-Tsb, HD radio, and even RDS as well.

As a true SDR solution, α-Infuser™ is the independent solution from a processor, architecture, tuner, physical interface. And it can be executed in multiple instances to provide enrich reception features or multi reception to the system and the user. α-Infuser™ can create a different digital standard tuner instance without any firmware loading, without any external decoder solution.

The key advantage for the listener from α-Infuser™ is the fastest Time-to-Audio and full scan time for the best user experience. It can provide the audio after tune nearly 30~40% faster than other chipset-based solutions. And it has also the best reception fading performance among all available solutions; therefore, the radio listener can have better user-experience with α-Infuser™.

Another key advantage for the OEM and Tier1 is that the α-Infuser™ has the most affordable price and it can be ported on various system H/W configuration easily. For example, even if there is only an RF tuner, SDR could provide digital radio solutions without any hardware decoder, without any H/W space. Therefore, it shall ensure that the shortest and least R&D time and effort, so it will provide the BOM cost and engineering cost advantages. As automotive-quality assured, α-Infuser™ is the MISRA C compliant solution with Automotive-SPICE based quality control.

William Kim, the director in RF2Digital, said that;

“Even if the automotive industry is conservative, many OEMs and Tier1s have begun prior research because they can flexibly respond to emerging markets such as India and Russia for DRM because of the performance and price advantages of SDR solutions. SDR also has great advantages in various multi-standard reception environments, making it a flexible solution for various radio network policies. The α-Infuser™ can therefore be the correct solution for these various markets”


α-Infuser™ Concept

Cost-Optimized Solution

Price of the solution is one of the most critical decision making points and we understand well
Therefore, RF2Digital always make sure that the solution is affordable in any case

Processor Independent Solution

Regardless of processor core types such as ARM, DSP, or Intel CPU, same performance and
functionalities shall be delivered

Architecture Independent Solution

With or without various processor architectures such as FPU, SIMD(NEON, BBE16, MMX),
the solution can be implemented optimally

Tuner Independent Solution

Regardless of RF tuner architecture, as long as digital I/Q signal is provided,
it is suitable for our SDR solution including a wideband tuner

Interface Independent Solution

Besides of current HS-IIS based interface, any physical interface method can be used as long as digital
I/Q data can be conveyed to the main SoC

Flexible Resource Allocation

Depends on the available resource(DMIPS), the solution can be adjusted to run under the given condition

Automotive Quality Assured

MISRA C compliant solution with Automotive-SPICE based quality control

Key Advantages from α-Infuser™

Fastest Time-to-Audio for Best User Experience

Nearly 40% faster than other chipset based solutions Audio output time is the most important user experience

Best Reception and Scan Performance

Best Fading performance among all available solutions
Much less audio mute events due to signal condition
Fastest SCAN time among all solutions (Tuner optimization required)

Versatile for Easy Adaptation

α-Infuser™ can be ported on various system H/W configuration
α-Infuser™ shall ensure that the shortest and least R&D time and effort which will give even more benefits to the customer

The Most Affordable Price

α-Infuser™ shows the best performance among all available SDR and chipset solutions, yet the most economical choice

No Need of Extra H/W or chipset

α-Infuser™ is an S/W solution, so there is no need of additional chipset to implement the solution

Multi-Reception Ready

α-Infuser™ can be executed in multiple instances to provide enrich reception feature to the system and the user
Ex. Wide-band input can be processed simultaneously and independently

All are possible with α-Infuser™

All Digital Tuner Support

All digital output RF tuner can be used to accommodate α-Infuser™ SDR solution
α-Infuser™ SDR solution is also ready to support enrich features of wideband tuner for the future infotainment system application

Various Processor Type Support

Default processor for α-Infuser™ is ARM Cortex-A family
Intel processor, Texas Instrument DSP, and Tensilica core can be used with adaptation flow

All Automotive Platform Support

α-Infuser™ can be ported on various system H/W configuration

Flexible Interface Method

α-Infuser™ can adapt any physical interface method to receive digital RF tuner data

All Existing and Future Digital Radio Standards

α-Infuser™ can support all existing digital radio standard such as DAB/DAB+, DRM/DRM+, CDR, ISDB-Tsb, HDradio, and even RDS as well Future radio standards can be simply updated by replacing the S/W core

Why the true SDR Solution?


True SDR Architecture Concept

SDR solution α-Infuser

Why SDR solution is superior than chipsets?

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