RS-MS1I iOS App for ID-4100

RS-MS1I iOS App Remote control application for ID-4100 series + Bluetooth unit (UT-137)

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 34.4 MB
  • Languages: English, Japanese
  • © 2017 icom inc.

Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or later.

Remote control application for iOS ® terminal RS-MS1I

RS-MS1I iOS App for ID-4100RS-MS1I is an application corresponding to D-STAR ® Mobile Machine ID-4100 / D released last month. You can use it by installing RS – MS 1 I on an iOS ® terminal and connecting to ID – 4100 / D via Bluetooth ® .

You can enjoy almost the same function as the conventional application for Android ® terminal RS – MS 1 A on iOS ® terminals. Various function enhancements such as transfer of photo data, cooperation with map application, D – PRS operation, message transmission / reception, operation of DR function from iOS ® terminal, etc. are possible.

With the introduction of RS-MS1I, more amateur radio operators will be able to enjoy the extended functions of D-STAR ® .

Main features

  • Sending and receiving of images taken with the camera of iOS ® terminal.
  • Send and receive text messages using Hiragana · Katakana · Kanji.
  • Partial operation of the DR function possessed by the radio is possible.
  • Easy address setting just by tapping the repeater / opponent station icon on the map.
  • Repeater, D-PRS station, NMEA station on the map display.
  • Repeater list, import / export partner station list, export function
  • Repeater list viewer function. Such


RS-MS1I is an application that extends the functions of the D-STAR radio.  Not only will you be able to manipulate some of the functions of the radio from the iPhone / iPad, it can dramatically improve the operability and convenience in D – STAR operation.

Outline of application function
DR function Some operation of the DR function possessed by the wireless device is possible.

Image Transmission Simple data communication can be used to send pictures taken while transmitting audio and images saved on iPhone / iPad.

You can display the location of the other station or repeater station on the map by using the position information received by the map wireless device and the position information registered in the repeater list.
By simply tapping on the repeater station displayed on the map, you can set the DR function’s FROM / TO or you can set it to TO by simply tapping the opposite station.

Reception history
You can check and edit the remote station information received in DV mode.
Moreover, it links from the reception history to the radio station information site.

  • Text transmission Using simple data communication, text data can be sent and received.
  • Other station memory
    You can add and edit calling parties and names of partner stations used in the DR function.
  • Repeater List You can check the detailed information registered in the repeater list.
  • Radio setting
    From the RS-MS1I, you can set some functions of the radio.
  • Application Setting Various settings such as changing the display unit are available.
  • Import Repeater list / remote station memory can be imported.
  • Export Reporter List / External Station Memory / Received history can be exported.

For other details, please check the instruction manual.

Operating environment
IOS 8.0.1 or later

Corresponding radio
ID-4100 series + Bluetooth unit (UT-137)

To operate the radio compatible with RS-MS1I, you need the optional Bluetooth unit.
Please install according to the instruction manual of the radio.

Setting of radio equipment
To use RS-MS1I, set each setting item of the radio as follows.
· [Function setting]> [CI-V]> [CI-V transceiver]: ON
· [Bluetooth Setting]> [Data Terminal Setting]> [Serial Port Function]: CI-V (Echo back OFF)

· RS-MS1I does not guarantee the operation of all iPhone / iPad.

  • Depending on the version of OS and installed applications, it may not work.
  • Bluetooth LE is used for connection with radio equipment.Processing may take time due to low-speed data transfer.
  • When sending / receiving image data etc. in “Fast mode”, the audio of the headset is temporarily interrupted due to Bluetooth limitation connected to the wireless device.
  • In order to use some functions such as the map function of this application, it is necessary to connect with a mobile phone line or internet line. When using these, please connect to the communication line such as 3G, LTE, wireless LAN etc. to use your iPhone / iPad.
  • When using this application with iPhone, it works only in portrait view.Moreover, it does not correspond to the automatic rotation of the screen.Only when using on iPad, it corresponds to automatic screen rotation and horizontal screen fixed display.


iPhone App RS-MS1I

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