New features for AT-D868UV radios

New features for AT-D868UV radios – firmware update (V1.27)

When AnyTone releases the next firmware update (V1.27) it will include a feature to obtain the direction and distance to another DMR radio. Note that the radios used for this feature has to have the GPS system turned on and also being able to receive satellites. So here is how it will work – and I have tested it!


New features for AT-D868UV radios coming soonFirst of all, the radios used for this feature called “Ranging” have to be programmed via the CPS to designate one of the radio pushbuttons to be assigned the “ranging” function. I made the orange button on top of the radio to perform this function. After one DMR radio has completed a chat with a second radio, you than push the “ranging” button on the second radio and you will see two messages on the display while the radio does a short transmission of GPS data between the two radios.

After a few seconds the display will show you the direction from where the first radio transmission came from as well as the name of that radio owner and the distance in meters between the two radios. See the picture below:

So wait for the new firmware and then you can keep better contact between hunters or search parties with this DMR radio.

Trygve Svärd


AT-D868UV firmware update V1.27 and V2.27

  • Hardware V1.0Please use the firmware V1.27 for updating the radio.
  • Hardware V1.1Please use the firmware V2.27 for updating the radio.

After update the firmware, you need to do the reset to the radio firstly, power off the radio firstly. Then power it on while holding the PTT and the PF1 button below the PTT at the same time. The radio will start up with a note on the display stating MCU Reset, Please Wait – and do not turn the radio off while it restarts.

After a re-start the radio will display the setting of the date and the time. Use the up-down key to set the current year. Move to the month by pushing the P1 key. Set the month, and use the P1 key to move forward each step. Once done, click the Menu key to save the date and time.

Also please set up the time zone to avoid the date/time error.

Please make sure the codeplug is saved to PC before your do the update and reset.



Anytone AT-868UV firmware v1.27 —– Anytone AT-868UV firmware v2.27

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