nanoVNA hardware versions

Vector Network Analyzer

nanoVNA hardware versions

The original nanoVNA by edy555

  • a single Si5351A clock
  • three SA612AD mixers (reference, port 0 + 1)
  • resistor bridge for port 0 “reflection”
  • stereo TLV320AUC3204 analog-to-digital converter
    • left, right channels for inline, quadrature
    • three internally-switched single-ended input (IQ)pairs for reference, ports 0 + 1

Other hobbyist VNA, antenna analyzer, and software defined radio designs
share many of these design concepts.

edy555’s open source design ( was in limited distribution as a kit.


commercialized by Hugen reduced cost and enhanced usability

  • working LiPo
  • refined touch screen
  • better PCB layout, RF shielding
  • third harmonic operation 300-900MHz
  • Touchstone file export
  • standalone PC software
At least 5 nanoVNA-H implementations

black, shields, USB-C

Hugen’s @ and close clones

white, micro USB “gekko”

initially most available on eBay

black, unshielded, USB-C, missing CH0 script

AKA “Worse clone”

Variations may come

  • with or without batteries,
  • battery leads soldered or by connector,
  • better or worse calibration kits,
  • SMA connectors fully soldered or not,
  • different firmwares,
  • calibrated (touchscreen and/or OSLT) or not.
  • rear cover shielded or not
  • Many vendors may ship different units over time.


Two bad clones have been found, they have failed to understand the role of bridge and shielding, and made some bad modifications to facilitate manufacturing.

nanoVNA-H commercialized by Hugen

NanoVNA-H v3.3

5.1K Type-C CC resistors

Hugen mid-October 2019

full case

NanoVNA-H v2

“NanoVNA 2”

Different from “NanoVNA-H V2″…
From original nanoVNA inventor Tomohiro AKA edy355, per this message
J.R.R. Tolkien: “Those who approve of courtesy (at least) to living authors”

nanoVNA in name only


Larger screen, different processor & RTOS (so obviously firmware), perhaps some similar commands.

nanoVNA hardware versions - NanoVNA-F

NanoVNA-F’s development and firmware update:

Deepelec official Store:

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