NanoVNA-F Product release

About new NanoVNA-F product packaging

The NanoVNA-F we sold are “all” contain plastic box, sponge and all accessories. even for all chinese dealers we never sold machine without plastic box and sponge !

And now we start to sell NanoVNA-F with plastic box, sponge, all accessories and “packing box”. “packing box” is new face.

Thank you all.

NanoVNA-F Product release

NanoVNA-F Handheld Vector network analyzer

NanoVNA-F, NanoVNA-Fairy, FreeRTOS version of edy555‘s NanoVNA.
“VNA” means: Vector Network Analyzer

New up to 1.5GHz released Click to view

Project Description

NanoVNA-F is a product made by BH5HNU based on the Open Source Project of NanoVNA(

Thanks to hugen‘s creative idea of use the harmonic of Si5351, We build NanoVNA-F and expand the measure frequency up to 1GHz, which S11 still have 40dB dynamic range At 1GHz.

NanoVNA-F can measure S parameters, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio(SWR), Phase, Group Delay, Smith chart and more

NanoVNA-F hardware features include and are not limited to the following improvements:

  1. Use 4.3-inch IPS TFT LCD & resistive touch screen, with a larger view angle and can be seen clearly outdoor.
  2. Use large capacity 5000mAh/3.7V lithium battery, standby time is longer, and expand a USB interface. Usually, it can be used as a power bank when the instrument is not used.
  3. The Lipo Charing IC to changed to IP5306(with 2A high charing current) , make the charging time shorter.
  4. Use a larger and better operating level.
  5. Support Chinese and English menu switching;
  6. Upgrade the user program(firmware) by virtual U disk(16MB SPI Flash Memory Inside).
  7. Standard aluminium case to protect SMA head and reduce the interference of external electromagnetic wave to instrument.

Where to Buy

You can get one on AliExpress Deepelec Store and we support shipping to most parts of the world.

NanoVNA-F Quick start guide (English)

How to update the firmware Here

How to display your call sign

  1. Connect the device to USB using Type-C, go into Bootloader Mode.
  2. Put you callsign.txt into Udisk, Re-power the device.

PC control software

NanoVNASharp v1.0.3(by Hugen)

nanoVNA_mod_v2(by alex_m)

nanovna-saver(by Rune B. Broberg)

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About NanoVNA-F machines Vendors and bad clones

Hello everyone, it is necessary to state that at present we only produce -F machines with metal case.

We do not resist enthusiasts buying machines from other suppliers, but enthusiasts need to have a certain discrimination ability: choose a supplier with good evaluation, and the price of the machine is trustworthy at around $ 120.

Like what hwalker in said “be aware that some vendors are scammers and the only way to protect yourself is buying from a reputable source.”

Recently we found a bad clone of the -F machine on AliExpress / eBay. We have open sourced all the code on github, but this clone is still badly made. ╮(╯▽╰)╭
As the picture shown below, We want enthusiasts to stay away from these crude products.

RF Demo Kit Testing tutorial released

The RF Demo Kit is a NanoVNA RF test board independently designed by BH5HNU, with a size of 10 * 10CM. It is used to learn the use of a vector network analyzer.

For more information, please refer to the link below.

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