NanoVNA-F firmware

NanoVNA-F firmware 0.1.0.

Hello everyone, we have just released NanoVNA-F firmware 0.1.0. This firmware upgrade is mainly based on NanoVNA version 0.6.0 of edy555. The following new features are added:

This update requires recalibration of the device 2020-02-03 Latest 0.1.1, fixed SWR axis display error.
Download 0.1.1

Where to Buy NanoVNA-F

You can get one on AliExpress Deepelec Store and we support shipping to most parts of the world.



NanoVNA-F firmware 0.0.5 released

Up to 1.5GHz, bug fix, REAL IMAG R X trace formatNanoVNA-F firmware

NanoVNA-F firmware

  1. support measurable frequency to 1.5 GHz, default setting 1 GHz, accurate measurement up to 1.35GHz.
  2. fix: unexpected 0.3dB offset of s21 in thru
  3. fix: mark all off bug
  4. fix: clutter display when standing wave ratio is infinite
  5. add version & info command
  6. add REAL IMAG R X trace format



New version of PCB for more accurate measurements.

NanoVNA-F firmware
NanoVNA-F firmware

Added resistance trace, testing with RF Demo Kit

Added reactance trace, testing with RF Demo Kit

NanoVNA-F firmware

More features, please pay attention to official website update

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