mmdvm wifi setup

WiFi settings for MMDVM / Pi-star Simplex Hotspot

WiFi Settings Quick Start Guide

1. Plug in the power supply, requires 5V 2A
2. Set up the network for your Pi-star.

First method: LAN interface (recommended)

  • Insert the RJ45 cable into the LAN DMR Hotspot port, the other end connects to your router.
  • Reboot your DMR access point, wait for the bright OLED, only bright when the network and modem initialization is complete.
  • Find the IP address use the application “Fing”, the hostname “pi-star”, then visit http://IP Address or http: //pi-star
  • Add the WiFi settings for Pi-Star, modify your profile on the settings page.

Second method:

Add a shared WiFi access point on the cell phone or router, let DMR Hotspot connect to your Pi-Star access point.

After the Oled screen is turned on, raspberry pi will automatically create a Wi-Fi AP. then open your phone or laptop search the Internet called “pi-Star”, give it to connect to that wifi and then enter the password “raspberry”, once connected to the wifi of the tracker, open the browser http: // pi- star or enter the page setting to configure your WIFI.

mmdvm wifi setup

You can see here that the interface status is “The interface is down.” Next step, go to configure WIFI and write your own wifi. Or click on the Search for Networks button and once you locate yours click on connect.

mmdvm wifi setup

Add more wifi networks here, it will automatically connect to the first network if it is online. but if the first network is idle, it will connect to the next online network, and so on.

When finished with all the settings, restart the access point.

Note: Not all supporting devices use the domain name visit, using the IP address is the best option,
Don’t use IE browser!

Assembled MMDVM V1.7 Hotspot Raspberry pi zero w +OLED +Antenna + 16G SD card + Case MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat Duplex Hotspot board +2pcs Antenna BI7JTA Duplex MMDVM


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