MLA-30 Plus Loop Antenna

MLA-30+ plus Shortwave Loop Antenna

MLA 30 plus Shortwave Loop Antenna is an affordable active loop antenna that allows people without the luxury of a large backyard to use an external antenna to boost the performance of the their Shortwave Radio radio and increase the number of radio stations and broadcasts that can be received.

MLA-30 Plus Loop Antenna

The MLA-30+ plus Shortwave Loop Antenna can be mounted indoors on any non-conductive rod or tube, such as PVC conduit or fibreglass rod (not metal). The loop element of the MLA-30+ Shortwave Loop Antenna has a diameter of 60cm and is connected to the active amplifier housing by two stainless steel wing nuts.

The MLA-30+ Shortwave Loop Antenna is supplied with a “bias tee” power injector and derives the DC voltage (12v) necessary for operation from any USB power supply or power bank. Despite criticism of the USB components adding RF noise to the system, Tecsun Radios has found during lab tests the power injector is well filtered and there is no discernible difference between using this setup when compared to a 12 volt linear power supply and separate bias tee.

The Shortwave Loop Antenna provides good performance between 500kHz and 30MHz, and can be rotated to optimise reception. This is particularly useful on the MW/AM broadcast band where adjacent stations can be nulled out to improve the listening experience.

The MLA-30+ Shortwave Loop Antenna packs a powerful punch when tuning in to shortwave radio broadcasts achieving best in class status and surpassing the performance of other antennas by as much as four fold.

The MLA-30+ plus Shortwave Loop Antenna is supplied with both an SMA to BNC adaptor and a BNC to 3.5mm adaptor to ensure compatibility with all modern shortwave receivers. The factory version MLA-30+ Loop Antenna doesn’t includes these adaptors which limits the radios that can be connected to the antenna or requires listeners to purchase additional adaptors.

MLA-30 Plus Loop Antenna Features:

  • Reception frequency: 500 kHz to 30 MHz (reduced performance to 100kHz)
  • Pre-amplifier included
  • Bias-T power supply via supplied USB cable
  • Power Supply: 5 V USB
  • Current Drain: 750mA
  • Coaxial cable length: 10 meters
  • Antenna connector: SMA male
  • Adaptors Supplied: SMA female to BNC male, SMA female to 3.5mm mono phono
  • No adjustments required
  • Weatherproof external case


mla 30 plus loop antenna – MLA-30+ (plus) 0.5-30MHz Active Receive Antenna Low Noise

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