Midland CT3000

The «professional» amateur radio.

CT3000 is the first mobile dual band transceiver designed by Midland operating on the VHF/UHF bands 144-146 and 430-440MHz.

CT3000 is a sort of «professional» radio as it is equipped with 6 customizable buttons on the front panel (P1-P6) suitable for the selection of many functions. Each of these keys can be assigned 2 functions simultaneously belonging to two different menus.

Midland CT3000

To guarantee excellent communications also in a wide range, CT3000 boasts a high transmission power selectable amongst: 25W (high), 10W (middle) or 5W (low).

Its aluminum chassis makes of CT3000 a tough radio suitable to use also in extreme situations.

Midland CT3000

The compliance to the IP54 certification ensures a high protection against dust and water spray and allows an outdoor use of the device.

CT3000 is equipped with the «flip» function: even though the radio is rotated 180°, the indications on the display will correctly appear in either orientation.

The wide multi-color display clearly shows all parameters and settings.

CT3000 is supplied with many functions such as the automatic digital squelch adjustable in different levels, the automatic turning on/off, TOT (Time-Out-Timer), scan, dual watch and roger beep.

CT3000 has 200 memory channels (customizable), 51 CTCSS tones and 104+104 DCS codes.

CT3000 is programmable through the optional programming software PRG-3000 cod. C1352.


Midland CT3000

Midland CT3000


Content of the packaging

  • CT3000 transceiver with power cable
  • Microphone
  • Mounting bracket
  • Fixing screws
  • Protection fuse

Main features

•    Dual band VHF/UHF transceiver

•    Operating mode: UHF-VHF, VHF-VHF or UHF-UHF

•    Frequency bands (according to the country/area of use): 144-146 MHz & 430-440MHz (Rx/ Tx).

•    Dual band (VHF/UHF) displayed

•    Channel number or channel number + frequency displayed

•    Selectable output power: high (25W), middle (10W) or low (5W)

•    Wide colorful TFT display

•    Flip function 180°

•    Power supply 12,6V +/-10%

•    Metal chassis

•    Programmable channels

•    Scan of the memory channels

•    Digital automatic squelch adjustable in different levels

•    Scan, Dual Watch, Roger Beep functions

•    200 memory channels customizable

•    Time Out Timer

•    Adjustable backlight

•    Automatic turning on/off

•    Keypad lock

•    Microphone (RJ45 connector) with multifunction keypad

•    Software programmable (through the optional programming software PRG-3000 cod. C1352)

•    Repeater tones (1750/2100/1000/1450 Hz)

•    104 + 104 inverted DCS codes and 51 CTCSS tones

•    Bandwidth selectable in 3 different levels 25 kHz/20 kHz/12,5 kHz

•    Frequency inversion

•    Frequency step: 2,5 kHz – 5 KHz – 6,25 kHz -10 kHz -12,5 kHz – 20 kHz – 25 kHz – 30 kHz – 50 kHz.

•    Frequency offset and offset direction selectable

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Price: € 189.26 excl. VAT

Download User Manual

Midland CT3000 User Manual (ENG)


PRG-3000 programming software

programming software PRG-3000

Price: € 31.40 excl. VAT

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