MFJ-1936 QuikStik™ Spike MountMFJ-1936 QuikStik™ Spike Mount

Just push it in the ground and screw on your antenna!

Get on the air QUICK!

at home … in the field . . . great for stealth, townhomes, small lots . . .


The MFJ-1936 is a HOT new product from MFJ for those who wish to be QUICK with their antenna set-ups!

For those hams on-the-go to their next adventure or for those at home needing something stealthy and QUICK and easy-to-hide!

This is the MFJ QuikStik™ Antenna system. It consists of a durable four foot 3/8 inch diameter copper bonded steel earth ground rod, a 3/8-24 threaded HF antenna pipe mount with SO-239 connector for your coax run, and twenty-five feet of counterpoise wire for coupling to the ground rod.

It’s super efficient and a very QUICK set-up. Just set the mount, push the rod into the ground, add your antenna, counterpoise wire and coax and operate!!! Use hamsticks, telescopic 20-6 Meter whips, solid whips, screwdrivers, even motorized screwdriver antennas if you wish.

The copper ground rod is tough and will last for years of superior service. A pointed end makes it easy to push into the ground. Use it to help bleed off static and RFI and prevent RF hot spots. The wire coupler is built onto the ground rod, just unscrew and screw back for QUICK counterpoise adjustment.

The mount is tough aircraft quality aluminum and will hold up to a 1” pipe. The SO-239 gold-plated connector has a lock washer under the 3/8-24 connector.

MFJ includes your twenty-five feet of coated wire for your counterpoise. All you need to do is add your antenna and coax!!!

MFJ-1936T – $3495
Includes ground rod, mount and counterpoise wire.

QuikStik™ Antenna packages


MFJ-1936TW, $89.95. Saves $10!

QuikStik™ antenna system with MFJ-1979 17 foot telescopic whip antenna.

MFJ-1936TWC, $139.95. Saves $10!

QuikStik™ antenna system with MFJ-1979 17 foot telescopic whip antenna and 40-6 Meter MFJ-67 loading coil.

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