MD380 squelch modification

MD380 squelch modification

With a simple modification of the squelch, the received power of most MD380 / RT3 can be properly increased.

The squelch is set on many devices “conservative”, and opens only at very strong signals.
(In my model until about S8)

The limited the usable range of repeaters etc. enormous.

In the CPS of the device there are two selectable squelch settings: Normal and tight.
These make We use to us as differing noise Perren Einstellungn for FM and DMR.
Why ?

In DMR mode I want to squelch have so lax as possible when the unit is “opens”, the can be heard only by the green LED Signals, but nothing.
You do not mind that lights up the green LED permanently, which can also open the squelch for DMR completely.

In FM mode I like the squelch bit “tighter” since each is open with an audible noise acknowledged there otherwise.
So you should not act to “fluttery” there.

I therefore to Modify the squelch “normal” short of the noise limit for DMR,
and “tight” a little further to FM.

Working for this modification, kan I DMR relay in the entire city area, previously there were only round 4-5 Km to the relays around, and Topographical cheap FM relays in up to 60/70 Km distance.
So that it receives now equal to my Icom IC-E90, or partly. Even better.

is set all in the service menu of the device, which you open in the CPS program with Ctrl + T.

!!! WATCH OUT !!!
The original stores values !!!
And does not play with settings that you do not know.
Incorrect settings in the service menu, the entire unit can send in a transform glowing paperweight!

We start the CPS program and connect the device to the data cable to USB.
The device is simply turned on, as if you want to read the Code Plug.

Kicks in the program once on an empty space and opens STRG+Tthe service menu.
It now appears a new window.


MD380 squelch modification

Click on the button Readand the original test mode read parameters from the device.
Your best secures these also coincide with a click of the button Save Test Data.
If now something goes wrong, it can be saved “Default” values back games. Wink

If you look in the window now found there four values ​​for the squelch.

    Rauschsperre Normal

  • Open SQL 1
  • Close SQL 1

These are the parameters in which the squelch “Normal” opens and closes.
The higher the value, desdo sensitive squelch.

The final usable values may be different device from the device.
Therefore, one must rantasten to the optimal value.
Change ie value, with Writewrite back into the machine, and then testing.

Sets at normal throughout the Quiet as one that opens the squelch with minimal change.
This Test your observed on a DMR channel, the green LED either on an analog channel, or.

MD380 squelch modification

    Rauschsperre Tight

  • Open SQL 9
  • Close SQL 9

When set to “Tight”, which then FM might safely be somewhat less sensitive, you take your determined in SQL 1 values ​​as the basis, and decreases until you, the squelch “tight” enough.

MD380 squelch modification

If everything is correct, the usable range of the device should be significantly increased. Dirol

Now you need only select the codeplug if you want to have on the channel squelch “Normal” or “tight”.
DMR channels run with me with squelch Normal and Analog FM channels Squelch Tight.

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