Need to factory reset TYT MD-9600

I did a firmware upgrade on my TYT MD-9600 today and made the terrible mistake (in the half-English .doc file) of running a “frequency setting” program first. Well this completely hosed the bottom band. Now it just says unprogrammed and is useless thanks to their directions. I should have just run the update and been done with it. At this point though, I think my only hope is a factory reset to clear out all that junk. I can’t figure out any other way to revive this paperweight.

MD-9600 how to reset the unit to factory defaults


It is possible that the latest firmware version does not solve your problem.

If so, you must download this file TYT Freq Limit

TYT Factory Setup v2.21


warning: Use at your own risk

Once the DL is complete unzip the file and run the install exe. Hopefully you have the TYT CPS programming cable so hook up your radio to a USB port on your computer and then run the Factory.exe to start the program. There is a drop down list of radio’s supported so select the MD-9600 then click the “read” button.

My radio was set for 150-160MHz for the VHF range but the UHF was set correctly. Review all the field to make sure the info is correct; reset the VHF to 136-174 MHz and then click the “write” button. Once the write is complete your radio should be good to go.

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