malahit sdr manual

Malahit Dsp radio – MDR2000

Registered version, Base on version 1.0c

3.5 Inch LCD Screen Digital Signal Receiver SDR Radio Malachite Malahit

malahit sdr manual


1.    Start: Short press to startup or close the screen. Long press to go to sleep mode.

2.    Usb: Type-c Usb, Charging Port.

3.    Audio: Audio Port for headset.

4.    Frequency: Frequency encoder, up and down to adjust frequency value, short press to adjust step value. Short press to go out the menu edit page.

5.    Volume: Volume encoder, up and down to adjust volume value, short press to other parameters. Short press to go out the menu edit page.

6.    Ant: Antenna Port, SMA-K.

7.    Menu lists: HARD, AUDIO, VISUAL, NR, MODE, BAND. Detailed description see below.

8.    Time: Long press HARD menu 3 seconds then release, go into time edit, Use volume encoder to adjust time. At last, long press to confirm.

9.    Audio indicator: one for headset, one for back speaker. green for enable, grey for disable, press indicator to change status.

10.    Battery indicator: Green is ok, red means low battery. When low battery, please charge in time.

11.    Step value: frequency step value, range 1KHz~1MHz.

12.    Vol: Volume value, range 0~100, more than 50 is recommended.

13.    Frequency value: Frequency value, range 50KHz~250MHz, 400MHz~2000MHz. 250MHz~400MHz not include.

14.    Signal strength: Long means that signal is strong.

malahit sdr manual

HARD menu

1.    En1 reverse: reverse volume encoder direction. Default is disable, turn down to add volume value. Reverse, when enable, turn up to add value.

2.    En2 reverse: reverse frequency encoder direction, Default is disable, turn down to add frequency and step value. Reverse, when enable, turn up to add value.

3. Time Setting: Long press HARD menu 3 seconds then release, go into time edit. Turn volume encoder to adjust time, short press to change position. At last, long press volume encoder to confirm.

AUDIO menu

1. Filter: audio filter, narrow for 8000Hz, normal for 12000Hz, wide for 15000Hz.


1.    Short press VISUAL menu into or out of edit.

2.    LCD SLEEP: when enable, after the SLEEP TIME, screen will close to save battery.

3.    SLEEP TIME: when LCD SLEEP enable, after this value, screen will colse to save battery.

NR menu

1. NR: press NR to enable or disable NR function. The NR indicator will be grey for disable or red for enable.

MODE menu

1.    The MDR2000 has USB, LSB, AM, NFM, WFM mode.

2.    Decoder can enable or disable CW decoder.

BAND menu

1. Band menu has 5 pages and total 50 choices. Turn the frequency encoder to change page index.

Quick frequency setting

1. press the frequency indicater to go into the quick frequency setting page. Quick input the frequency then select the right Unit.


Press the waterfall to change Spectrum range.


All MDR2000 have been registered at factory. Do not need to input serial numbers again. If needed, turn volume encoder to change value, short press volume encoder to change position. At last long press frequency encoder to confirm.


Long press both volume encoder and frequency encoder at the same time to reset. All setting will restore to initial factory setting. The registered info will keep.


The Antenna come with MDR2000 is a 433MHz antenna. Select the WFM mode and set frequency to 90~110MHZ to enjoy the WFM radio. If you need to receive AM or LSB radio, please buy the right Antenna.

First time to use:

Connect the antenna to MDR2000, select WFM mode, and set frequency to 90MHz~110MHz. Enjoy it.


(-40%) Malachite Malahit DSP SDR Receiver 3.5 Inch LCD Screen Digital Wood Shell Bass Speakers

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