KORG Nutube Radio Kit

KORG Nutube Radio Kit

Radio kit using KORG’s next generation vacuum tube “Nutube”.

KORG Nutube Radio KitHybrid Vacuum Tube Reviving the Present “Hybrid Radio Receiver” Utilizing the Next Generation Vacuum Tube Nutube Using Radiofluorescent Display Tube Technology!

Bit · Trade · One will release a hybrid radio / electronic kits kit using KORG’s next generation vacuum tube “Nutube” that applied fluorescent display tube technology on June 19. Price is an open price. The part number is “ADDP 1707 K”.

In conjunction with the book “Electronic Craft Magazine 2017 Summer Edition” published on June 19th by radio wave newspaper company, explanation of circuits and actions etc. is described in the book.

On this radio using Nutube, the reception method is high, the reception frequency is 535 kHz ~ 1,605 kHz. The output is a stereo mini, the antenna adopts a bar antenna. One 006P alkaline battery (sold separately) is used, and the use time is about 10 hours.

The kit also includes a storage case, a volume dial, and a parts bill. The external dimensions are 69 × 115 × 28 mm (width × depth × height), the weight is about 135 g.

Storage case included

In addition to learning the operation of the vacuum tube radio on the board, a storage case convenient to carry is attached.

Please note: This product is a product planning product linked with electronic work magazine 2017 summer issue (Radio newspaper publishing company). For explanation of circuit, operation, etc., please purchase the summer issue of electronic work magazine 2017 released on June 19, 2017, and see the interlocking article.

006P alkaline battery is not attached to this product. Please purchase separately.

KORG Nutube Radio Kit

Product Specifications

  • [Reception frequency] 535 KHz to 1605 KHz
  • 【Reception system】 High Radio
  • [Size] W69xH28xD115 (excluding protrusions)
  • 【Weight】 Approximately 135 g
  • [Output] 3.5 mm stereo mini jack
  • 【Antenna】 Bar antenna (Please use an external antenna if it is difficult to receive it depending on region / location)
  • 【Power supply】 006P 1 alkaline battery
  • [Consumption current] 20 mA
  • 【Battery life】 About 10 hours
  • 【Assembled Accessories】 Bill of Materials Part 1 Warranty card 1 part
  • 【Assembled Guarantee Period】 One year from purchase

Notes on handling this product

· Radio condition of the use area, In addition indoor may not be able to receive normally.

· This product is for hobby. Regarding the kit product concerning assembly beforehand, we support only about lack of accessory parts and breakage etc. We are not covered by our support regarding defects etc after assembly.

New vacuum tube which puts vacuum fluorescent display technology to practical use.


Nutube, similar to a conventional vacuum tube, has an anode grid filament structure, and operates exactly as a triode vacuum tube. Also similar to a vacuum tube, it creates the same characteristic rich overtones. By applying their vacuum fluorescent display technology, Noritake Itron Corp., a Noritake Co. Ltd affiliated company, have devised a structure which achieves substantial power saving, miniaturization, and quality improvements when compared with a conventional vacuum tube.

Realising substantial power savings

By making the form smaller we have succeeded in making significant power savings requiring less than 2% of the electrical power of a conventional tube. This allows for efficient and simple battery operation.

Small size

Nutube is less than 30% of the size of a conventional vacuum tube.

Real vacuum tube sound

The real triode structure produces a warm, unique vacuum tube sound, delivering excellent linearity.

High reliability, long life

Made in Japan. 30,000 hours of continuous life expectancy

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