KC901S RF Vector Analyzer

KC901S Handheld Network Analyzer

KC901S RF Vector Analyzer is the world’s first personal application development vector regular antenna analyzer. It supports single-port and dual-port vector network analyzer scalar network analysis, while expanding the spectrum, field strength and signal generator convenience features.

KC901S professional practicality, and includes support for 5 hours of battery, including a large work load, the volume is only 1 cubic centimeters, weighs just 1 kg, in order to bring a new experience of freedom.


Key Features

3GHz frequency range 1Hz frequency stepping reliable accuracy and stability of double-conversion, against external interference rich functionality and lightweight design community wisdom **

The main function of the transmission test (scalar: debug filter, amplifiers, test antenna directivity) reflection test (VECTOR: debug impedance matching, antenna system quality check) spectrum display and field observations *** (test radio emission performance, find the source of interference) separate output signal of a certain frequency point

Recommended Applications KC901S primarily for debugging various RF circuits, such as filters, amplifiers, splitters, combiners, test input and output impedance, signal amplitude antenna system to assess the quality of detection equipment at all levels. In most bands, but also for field strength measurements, interference to find other work.

This instrument can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce the burden to bring and improve work quality. 901S is worth having each electronic engineer testing tool, but also as a professional communications engineering, radio and television transmitting station technician standing instrument

What is the difference with KC901H KC901S

KC901H is a well-loved scalar network analyzers, setting three years ago. For three years, the majority of users and players made ​​a number of valuable suggestions.

KC901S inherited the advantages KC901H and made ​​significant progress, and the vast majority of the community proposal received a positive response. Their main difference is:

1, the obvious difference appearance, KC901S with a more comfortable keyboard, and improve integration, smaller in size, length less than that KC901H nearly 3 cm.

2, the difference function, KC901S the S11 features full support for vector tests, the performance of significantly improved reflectance measurements, also increased the low-frequency signal source function (frequency down to 3Hz).

3, the difference between the frequency range, KC901S the S11 function can be used effectively to frequencies below 300KHz of, KC901H the S11 function can only work effectively to 1.5MHz.

4, the difference between the data interface, KC901H no data interface, KC901S has a USB port and microSD memory card, you can easily access the measurement results.

5, the difference between the user experience, KC901S using FPGA handle high-speed data, a fundamental operating fluency promotion; software uses the KC next-generation platform, easier to use.

6, longer battery life, KC901S at maximum power mode, the battery life of four hours (with optional 5.5 hours), while also reducing the weight of about 200 g.

7, built-in barometer / altitude altimeter.

Other except one, were significantly better than KC901H

see technical data sheet.

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