ID-4100A/E Debut

Icom ID-4100

ID-4100A/E Debut!

Compact, Full Dot-Matrix D-STAR Mobile with Terminal & Access Point Mode

2017 March 15 release (scheduled)

ID-4100A/E Debut

Icom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka Hirano-ku, President: Tsutomu Fukui) is, D-STAR ®  will be released the correspondence of Mobil transceiver ID-4100 on March 15, 2017.

More fun and the D-STAR, the more comfortable.
Dual band Mobil equipped with new features that extend the communication range.

Even from a D-STAR repeater in inaccessible location, you can D-STAR under gateway communication via the Internet. Without being influenced by the nearest repeater usage and location, but Domo at any time, it can be active operation.

Key Features

Windows PC or the ID-4100 to the Android terminal and cable connection, it is D-STAR repeater and GW communication around the country via the Internet, equipped with a terminal mode. Even close to the location does not have a D-STAR repeater, even if the nearest D-STAR repeater is in use, can be the gateway communication of the D-STAR.

icom ID-4100 D-STAR

※ to connect to a Windows PC or Android devices, data communication cable (OPC-2350LU sold separately) is required.
※ to the access point mode, dedicated application: RS-MS3W / RS-MS3A ( free of charge) is required.

Use the ID-4100, which was the cable connected to a Windows PC or Android device as an access point. It is possible to perform the gateway communication of the D-STAR via the access point from other D-STAR transceiver. Even in places there is no D-STAR repeater near, it is possible to enjoy the gateway communication of his friends and the D-STAR.


Conventional small controller, while also easy to install in a limited space, such as a car, was also operation difficult dilemma small display.
If ID-4100, as it is the installation ease of a small controller, connected to the smart device By, providing easy-to-operate large display and touch panel operation

Connected to the smart device By, realize the easy-to-operate large display and touch panel operation
In addition, by connecting to the smart device, in addition to the control of the ID-4100, image transmission and mapping, you can also enjoy such as text transmission.

※ to connect to the smart device, you need a Bluetooth unit (sold separately).
※ To operate the ID-4100 from the smart devices, dedicated application: RS-MS1A (free of charge) is required.

to facilitate easy to use the D-STAR, full-dot display & DR function

Equipped with the DR function that you can easily set the repeater and the other station that you want to communicate. Also by the full-dot display capable of Japanese display, intuitive operation, such as the ID-31 and ID-51 it was realized.

Icom ID-4100

ID-4100 is to match the car or shack image, you can customize to choose a background color from four colors of white, amber, blue, green. Also equipped when it comes to setting time night setting function to adjust the brightness automatically. Provides excellent visibility regardless of the day and night.

voice recording again, a convenient microSD card slot for data storage

Is equipped with a convenient microSD card slot when you save voice recording again and QSO log, data such as GPS log. Also by utilizing the microSD card, you can easily update the repeater list and each memory.

Standard equipped with a GPS receiver

The transmission of the display and the position information of its own station position, realized the list-up function of the nearest repeater, you can display the distance and direction to the destination station and destination in real time. Of course, also it supports (system to send location information to the APRS server from the D-STAR) D-PRS.


VHF / UHF band, you can receive a variety of utility radio, including the air band.

  • – Intuitive menu functions.
    – Enhance the operability [QUICK MENU] key.
    – Auto repeater function.
    – Two types of equipment an empty line canceller .
    – The memory / bank scan beginning with a variety of scan features.
    · 24-digit 16ch equipped with a DTMF code memory.
    · Tone squelch / DTCS code squelch function. Split tone can be set as well.
    – A built-in duplexer that allows the operation of the V / U in-one antenna.
    – frequency stability ± 2.5ppm TCXO adopted

main accessories

  • · HM-232 UP / DOWN hand microphone with switch
    · controller separate cable (about 3.5M) OPC-837
    · DC power cable OPC-345


Transmit frequency range 144.000~146.000MHz  430.000~440.000MHz(FM/FM-N/DV)
Receiver frequency range (FM/FM-N/DV)
118.000~136.991MHz (AM)
230.000~374.995MHz (AM)
Types of radio wave F2D / F3E / F7W
Operating temperature limit -10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Frequency stability ± 2.5ppm or less (and -10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃ / 25 based on the ℃)
Digital transmission speed 4.8kbps
Musical Symbol velocity 2.4kbps
Antenna impedance 50Ω unbalanced (M type)
Memory channeling number Memory 1000, call 4, program scan edge 50 (2 × 25 pairs)
repeater memory 1200, GPS memory 200
Power-supply voltage DC13.8V (external power supply terminal)
Current consumption
reception at the maximum
up to the time of transmission
ID-4100 / 7.5A
ID-4100D / 13.0A
weight About 1300g (body + controller)
Transmission output ID-4100 20W / 10W / 2W
ID-4100D 50W / 15W / 5W
Bian transfer mode FM, FM-N: FM reactance modulation
DV: GMSK reactance modulation
Trusted Information Double superheterodyne system
Intermediate frequency 1st IF : 46.35MHz,2nd IF : 450kHz

price: 433,62 Dollars

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