INFORMATION IC-705 Version 1.12

The following features have been changed.

Set mode

The optional BP-307 is now available.

The following settings are added because the discharge characteristics are different between the BP-307 and the supplied BP-272.

VOLTAGE screen

OLD IC-705 Version 1.11

The following feature has been changed.

The firmware will be updated to the following versions.

Main CPU: 1.12
Sub CPU: 1.01
DSP Program: 1.09
DSP Data: 1.00
FPGA: 1.01
DV DSP: 1.02
GPS: 13196
Bluetooth: 1.12

IC-705 Firmware Download Version 1.12

Your New Partner for Field Operations

Covers the HF-430MHz band with all modes including DV (digital voice),
New release of portable transceiver IC-705


HF/50/144/430 MHz All Mode

From HF to 50/144/430 MHz*, you can enjoy a variety of bands in D-STAR DV, SSB, CW, AM and FM modes. The IC-705 receives continuously from the medium wave broadcast band to 144 MHz band. You can also enjoy FM broadcast and air band reception.

‘ 70 MHz band will be featured for the European version.

RF Direct Sampling System

The IC-705 uses the RF direct sampling method* matured in the IC-7300, IC-7610, and IC-9700. This method greatly reduces distortion. The high speed /high resolution real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display are incorporated in a compact design for the first time in this class.

* Down-conversion IF sampling method for 25 MHz and above

Real-Time Spectrum Scope and .Waterfall Display

Inherits the performance and functions of the highly-acclaimed IC-7300 and IC-9700 scopes. You can visually figure out the band condition and check clear frequencies. It takes you to the next level beyond traditional field operation.

Large Touch Screen Color Display

The large 4.3 inch touch screen color display is the same size as the one used in the IC-7300 and IC-9700. It dramatically improves visibility and operability in the fields.

ic-705 price

Compact and Lightweight Design

“Base station radio” performance and functions are packaged in a compact size of approximately 20 cm, 7.9 in (W) x 8 cm, 3.1 in (H) x 8.5 cm, 3.3 in (D). The weight is approximately 1 kg (excluding battery pack and antenna). Its compact and lightweight design enables you to hold it with one hand.

BP-272 Battery Pack or .13.8 V DC External Power Supply

The BP-272 Li-ion battery pack comes with the IC-705. This is the same battery pack used in the ID-51 and ID-31 handheld transceivers. Of course, a 13.8 V DC external power supply can be used, too.

Max. Output Power 10 W (13.8 v dc), 5 W (BP-272) . Supports QRP/QRPp Operations

Despite being a portable radio, it achieves the maximum output power of 10 W with a 13.8 V DC external power supply. When the standard BP-272 Li-ion battery pack is used, operation at the maximum output power of 5 W is possible. True 5 watt QRP as well as 0.5 watt QRPp are supported.

ic-705 price

Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN

Bluetooth® and wireless LAN are built-in. They can be used for smartphone linking and remote control, and also for Bluetooth® headsets.

GPS Antenna and GPS Logger

A high-performance GPS antenna is incorporated. In the D-STAR DV mode, you can send and receive location information while communicating. This high-performance GPS enables various functions such as GPS log function and repeater search function.

microSD Card Slot

The IC-705 is equipped with a microSD card* slot that can be used for firmware upgrades, programming and so on, as well as voice recordings and saving GPS log data.

* microSD card is not supplied.

Full Equipped D-STAR Functions

The IC-705 is fully equipped with functions to enjoy D-STAR comfortably, such as the DR function and Terminal Mode/Access Point Mode. In addition, you can send/receive and view saved photos using only the IC-705 without any application software.

Antenna and SP-Mic Come Standard

A whip antenna for VHF/UHF and speaker-micro-phone come standard. The speaker-microphone is equipped with programmable buttons assignable to various functions, such as frequency adjustment and volume control.

Side / Rear Panel View



Multi-Function Backpack

LC-192 (Optional accessory)

LC-192 Multi Function Backpack icom ic-705

LC-192 Multi Function Backpack icom ic-705

Supplied Accessories

  • Whip antenna for VHF/UHF
  • HM-243 Speaker-microphone
  • BP-272 Li-ion battery pack, 7.4 V, 2000 mAh (typ.)
  • DC power cable


  • BC-202 Fast battery charger: 43.89 USD + taxes
    BC-217S AC adapter (USB type, to charge the battery)
    CS-705 Programming software: Free download
    LC-192: Multi-bag suitable for mobile and field operations
    RS-BA1 version 2: IP remote control software – 83,77 USD + taxes ・
    ST-4001A: Image clipping software (Android version): free download
    ST-4001W: Image clipping software (Windows version): free download
    VS-3: Bluetooth headphones: 96,59 USD + taxes
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