Icom IC-705 desk microphone

Homemade conversion cable to use a desktop microphone on the IC-705

Icom IC-705 desk microphone. How to operate the IC-705 with a desktop microphone

Microphone Jack of the IC-705

4-pin plug is used for the IC-705 microphone jack, as shown below.

The IC-705 Microphone Jack Pin Assignment

★ Apply 3.3 VDC through a 470Ω in series or directly apply 8 VDC (maximum 10mA)

The HM-234 plug has 4 pins. However, the regular 3-pin plug can also be used with a speaker microphone that has no key output function. I confirmed that the similar speaker microphone that is used with the ID-51 and ID-31 can also be used with the IC-705.

MIC conversion cable for the IC-705

Components needed
・8-Pin metal microphone jack for desktop microphone.
・Φ2.5mm 4-pole plug
・Cable (2-wire or 3-wire shield)
・Resistor (1kΩ×1、3.3KΩ×1)
・Capacitor (1µF×1)


Moreover, when connecting a microphone other than the standard HM-243, UP/DN keys on the connected MIC cannot be used.

You can buy the necessary parts here:

GX16 – 8 pin -Male and Female

3 or 4 Core Audio Extension Cable Aux Single Head Line 3.5mm

To use an Icom desktop microphone, it is necessary to switch「MIC terminal 8V output」 to 「ON」in the IC-705 Set menu.

For firmware version 1.2 Push [MENU], then touch [SET] > [Connectors ]> [MIC Jack 8V output]→「ON」.

There are various microphones can be used with the IC-705 these days. I realized that there are many types of microphone can also be connecting with the IC-705 and works effectively, it will be interesting to check the sound quality changes by using a variety of microphones with the IC-705.

More: You can directly connect the BM-800 microphone to the icom

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