IC-9700 10 MHz Reference

Ultra-high precision 10MHz reference signal oscillator production

IC-9700 10 MHz Reference. The accuracy I am looking for should be an error of less than 5Hz at 50MHz = 0.1ppm.

By the way, looking at the frequency accuracy in recent RIG specs, the error in parentheses is Kenwood TS-990 and 890 50MHz: 0.1ppm (5Hz), TS-590G, TS-590: () 0.5ppm 25Hz Icom IC-7800, 7851,7700: 0.05ppm (2.5Hz), IC-7610,7300,9700: 0.5ppm (25Hz)

The IC-9700 has a terrible frequency accuracy of ± 0.5ppm (within 217.5Hz to 435MHz) for use with V and UHF.
What is the level of understanding of the specification approvers and designers ?? …Yaesu FT-5000 (MP-Limited): 0.05ppm (2.5Hz), others 5000,3000: 0.5ppm ()

IC-9700 10 MHz Reference

The completed board of “Ultra-high precision 10MHz reference signal oscillator

The digital mode “FT8” has become widespread, and the signal is often heard even in the 430MHz band and 1200MHz band. However, according to Ham, who enjoys the FT8 in these bands, the frequency fluctuates slightly immediately after the radio is turned on or when a sudden temperature change occurs, which rarely interferes with communication.

As a frequency stable item that helps to avoid such a situation, JA4BUA Kuwahara, the owner of “Information and Communication Technology Consultant ICT-Kuwa”, distributes “Ultra-high precision 10MHz reference signal” for 6,500 yen including shipping fee. Let’s introduce the completed board of “Oscillator”.

Mr. Hibara of “Information and Communication Technology Consultant ICT-Kuwa” obtained a used OCXO (oven-controlled crystal oscillator) on eBay in April 2018, improving the frequency accuracy of radios with a 10MHz reference signal input terminal. We have begun trial production of a “reference signal generator” board for this purpose.

As a result of repeated trial and error, by using the reference voltage generation IC, it stabilizes at 10.000000MHz in about 2 minutes after the power is turned on, and by fine-tuning the frequency, the accuracy can be driven to about 0.002ppm (error is 2Hz at 1GHz).

Completed the board. Equipped with three 10MHz output terminals, one of which is a CMOS gate direct output, and the other two are “completed boards (all parts including OCXO are installed)” with an output of about 50Ω / -10dBm according to the domestic transceiver.

IC-9700 10 MHz Reference And, we started distributing the one with “1 standard attached cable (RG174, you can choose either SMA-male or BNC-male plug to connect to the radio)” for 6,500 yen (including shipping fee) (distribution board) Was adjusted to within 0.002ppm at the time of creation) .

After incorporating this board in a metal case etc., the purchaser connects it to the “10MHz reference signal input terminal” on the back of the radio with the attached coaxial cable with a plug, and power supply (DC5V: AC adapter for smartphones can be used) Can be used simply by turning on the “synchronization setting to external reference frequency” in the set mode of the radio. For frequency stability, it is essential to avoid incorporating the board inside the radio and use it in an environment where the temperature does not change suddenly.

According to Mr. Hibara, this completed board initially received many applications from users of the SDR transceiver “SunSDR2pro”, but recently, 10MHz reference signal input terminals such as “IC-9700”, “IC-7610”, and “TS-890”.

The number of applications from users of domestically produced machines has increased, and the total number of distributions so far has exceeded 160. Especially from users of IC-9700 (frequency stability is rated within ± 0.5ppm (-10 ° C to + 60 ° C) “as an all-mode machine in the 144/430 / 1200MHz band),” 1.2GHz FT8 I have received many joyful emails saying “No frequency drift.” There was also a report that “there was no change in the received Tone in CW other than FT8”.

Mr. Hibara said, “No matter how stable this board is, it seems that the PLL may not be able to follow a sudden temperature change inside the transceiver. A friend of mine who uses this board with the IC-9700. “The solution is to add a fan behind the transceiver and keep it rotating at low speed,” he said.

For details on the development process and performance of the ultra-high precision 10MHz reference signal oscillator, and the distribution method of the completed board, refer to the “Information and Communication Technology Consultant ICT-Kuwa” website at the related link below.


IC-9700 10 MHz Reference; Distribution requests

for SunSDR2pro have settled down, and recently there are many USER such as IC-7610, IC-9700, TS-890, etc.

The additionally created board Because made into one board Click here for circuit diagram of the are . two pieces It will be either.

The distribution cost includes shipping and the SMA-male / BNC-male output will be 6.5k yen .
If you wish, please contact us by email. go to ja4bua_ict-kuwa.net
Subject: Distribution of the 10MHz reference signal oscillator
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