IC-7610 Firmware Update

IC-7610 Firmware Update

IC-7610 Firmware Update

Version Version 1.20
Update 2018/08/24
Major changes Changes in this version

  • The [USB 2] I/Q baseband signal output port is now supported.
  • The MAC address display is added to the screen in
    Set Menu > Others > Information.

To update the firmware

  • To update from firmware version 1.05 or older to 1.11, the IC-7610 needs to have firmware version 1.06 installed.
  • To revert from firmware version 1.20 or later to 1.06 or older, the IC-7610 needs to have firmware version 1.11 installed.
  • Thoroughly read Section 6, SD CARD/USB FLASH DRIVE, in the BASIC MANUAL and the Section 13, UPDATING THE FIRMWARE, in the ADVANCED MANUAL, and follow the instructions displayed on the IC-7610 LCD screen.
  • BE SURE to make a backup copy of your data settings to an SD card/USB flash drive before updating the firmware.
  • The firmware will be updated to the following versions.
    Main CPU: 1.20
    Sub CPU: 1.04
    Front CPU: 1.01
    FPGA: 1.06


  • Also download the related software “IC-7610 USB I/Q Package for HDSDR” from here.
File Size 7.51MB
File Type ZIP
Manual manual download page


Support Firmware / Software

Type Model Name Version last update
USB Driver IC-7610 Version 1.30 2018/06/07
USB Driver IC-7610 Version 1.20 2017/10/05
Firmware IC-7610 Version 1.20 2018/08/24
Firmware IC-7610 Version 1.11 2018/07/30
Firmware IC-7610 Version 1.10 2018/07/20
Firmware IC-7610 Version 1.06 2018/03/01
Firmware IC-7610 Version 1.05 2018/01/31
Firmware IC-7610 Version 1.04 2018/01/09
Firmware IC-7610 Version 1.03 2017/11/20
USB I/Q Package for HDSDR IC-7610 Version 1.00 2018/08/24
Firmware RC-28 Version 1.02 2017/10/27
Control software RS-BA1 Ver.1.20 2011/04/01
Control software RS-BA1 Ver.1.30 2012/06/29
Control software RS-BA1 Version 1.94 2017/08/30


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