How to send and receive a picture from one IC-9700 to another

How to send and receive a picture from one IC-9700 to another

*Firmware version 1.20 is required.

Step 1 Preparation

•    Install SA-4001A or SA-4001W, Picture Utility Software.

•    Insert an SD card into the IC-9700.

•    Connect the IC-9700 to a LAN. Connect your smartphone or other device with the ST-4001A or ST-4001W application software installed to the same LAN.

On the IC-9700’s “PICTURE” screen, touch the “i” button (shown in the red circle below) to display the IP address assigned to the IC-9700. Once the IP address is entered in the ST-4001A/W, your device can be connected to the IC-9700.

ic-9700 SA-4001A or SA-4001W Picture Utility Software


On the Windows version software (ST-4001W), you can also enter a network name instead of an IP address. In this case, even if the IP address of the IC-9700 is changed by DHCP, you don’t need to set it up again on your device.

Select a picture on the ST-4001A/W. You can crop and resize it and/or add text (call sign, message, and so on) to create an image to be sent.

When you touch the enter or the Transfer button (shown below in the red circles), the image is automatically adjusted to the maximum size (640 x 480) and file size (200 KB or less) that the IC-9700 can handle, and transferred to the IC-9700’s SD card.


The IC-9700 has a default image size of 320 x 240 (standard quality) that is optimal for normal data transmission. If necessary, you can make some adjustments, such as image size and image quality, with the IC-9700. For an image size of 320 x 240 (standard quality), the transmission time is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the Slow Data mode, and about 45 seconds in the Fast Data mode. You can also select a picture from the TX picture history and send it.

* Image transmission times vary, depending on the image. The more complex the image, the longer it takes.

PICT TX: When you touch the PICT TX button, you can transmit the image along with voice communication while pressing PTT. The transfer is stopped when the transmission is finished. When you touch and hold the PICT TX button for 1 second (or until you hear 2 beeps), the IC-9700 transmits the image each time you press the PTT, just like it sends the preset messages and location information each time you press the PTT.

TX ALL: If you touch the TX ALL button, the image is transmitted in the Fast Data mode. If the image transmission was not completed in the PICT TX mode, you can touch TX ALL to transmit the remaining portion of the image in the Fast Data mode.


Selecting “PTT Input” on the PTT Terminal function setting (MENU> SET> Connectors> PTT Port Function) separates the microphone PTT from the SEND line. This makes it possible to interrupt transfer by pressing the microphone PTT button during image transmission in the Fast Data mode.

While transmitting recorded voice using the Voice TX memories, when you press the PTT, the IC-9700 stops transmitting immediately, and you can speak into the microphone.

When the IC-9700 receives an image, an icon indicating that an image is being received comes up on the screen (shown in the red circle below). Touching this icon displays the image reception screen. Up to 50 received image histories can be viewed (SD card required). If you want to save the image, touch “Save”, and it will be saved as a jpg picture on the SD card.

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