Colleagues who want to get back active in the 11m (CB) band hambuilder are preparing a CB transceiver at a very affordable price.

HBRCB-200 CB Radio AM 200 channel design

This unit will use a synthesizer with Si5351 technology with a microcontroller control.

This economical version only supports AM mode with 7 Segment displays and boxes made of ABS plastic.

HBRCB-200 CB Radio


  • 200 channels, on 5 groups of 40 channels
  • AM mode
  • 4-5W power out
  • Si5351 frequency synthesizer
  • 2 digit 7 segment
  • ATMega16 microcontroller
  • plastic enclosure (W: 80mm x H: 40mm x D: 120mm)
  • condenser microphone

Hambuilder Team

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