Ham Radio CSV Sync Tool

Ham Radio CSV Sync Tool for PC and OSx

Ham Radio CSV Sync ToolHam Radio CSV Sync Tool is designed to help you create import files for different radios from a master list. Radios all use different formats for different fields, and keeping these in sync is a tedious task that is prone to errors.

Ham Radio CSV Sync Tool Currently supported radios:

  • Default output: Digests the input, should expose errors
  • Baofeng uploads via CHiRP
  • Yaesu FTM400 via RT systems application
  • Anytone D878, D868, D578 via D878UV
  • Connect Systems CS-800D via Connect Systems Software
  • Kenwood 71/710 Series via MCP2

How it works

This is a command line tool that will get you setting up your radios as quickly as possible.

  1. Run the Wizard to generate the input CSVs.
  2. Add your channels and configuration information to the input CSVs.
  3. Select your radios and create radio plugs!
  4. Import your radio plugs into your radio programming application.
  5. Upload to your radio, and you’re done.

Windows defender will warn you about opening the GUI version. Click on the more info dialogue to run.

General requirements

  • You may want some knowledge of how to run a command line application.
  • The executable should be placed in a directory by itself. This will allow for the wizard to create the necessary in and out folders.
  • This program will create folders around it!

Command overview

  • --help Displays a usage info page.
  • --wizard this will create a boilerplate csv for you to start configuring, along with the necessary directories for processing your csv’s.
  • --clean deletes the in and out folders to allow you to start over. **Make backups before running ** (if needed)
  • --force This can be used in tandem with wizard any other command requiring yes / no prompts to default to “yes” for all questions.
  • --radios The meat and potatoes, pass in a list of supported radio names to update / re-create your CSV files.
    • Example use: radio_sync.exe --radios ftm400 creates a csv for a Yaesu FTM-400.
  • --debug Adds some more output to the console, primarily for developers.

For best results…

If you do not need a column, leave it blank. All radio frequencies and offsets are in Megahertz. Do not add any units, just input the number.

Some sync applications have bugs where they cannot read certain values. You may need to “touch up” your radio configs after they are generated.

Double-check your results before uploading your codeplug.

Bugs, feature requests, and support

Please create a ticket in the “issues” section of this project. Please try to provide as much info as possible:

  • Your specific app version
  • What specifically you expected. “This cell should have been 88.0hz
  • What specifically happened. “This cell had the value 88 hz
  • For feature requests, the specific rules and information that is relevant:
    • “I would like to be able to support timezones for the FOO900D radio” (plug management link tool). This specific column should have a format like America/Chicago

If possible, please attach your input.csv to the ticket so your issue can be resolved quickly.

My radio/app isn’t supported!

If you have a radio or app that isn’t supported, please create a ticket with as much info as possible. A sample csv export will be incredibly valuable to help speed up development. During development, you may be contacted to help with alpha builds.

Pull requests, licensing, usage, etc.

  • This tool is not to be used in a commercial capacity, either for customer support or for the distribution of tools
  • This tool is available open-source, free for use in any nonprofit context.
  • PULL REQUESTS: Please discuss your intent as soon as possible when creating a pull request with the project owner(s).
  • FORKS: Forks are welcome, so long as they are also used in a nonprofit context.

Ham Radio CSV Sync Tool site:

A project to synchronize multiple different brands of radios to a common channel list.

n2qzshce ham-radio-sync

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