Gospell GR-216 new firmware released

Gospell GR-216 new firmware released

version 1.4 (build 633) 2019-08-08

Improvements in this new release includes:

  • improved DRM service reconfiguration
  • added support to Russian language in DRM contents
  • bug fixes

Please find below the download link and follow the instructions to install the firmware.

322d5e0bd20f9f8ccd4cec06e6142279a5be92b1 *GR-216_FIRMWARE_20190808.zip

download link:

GR-216 Firmware Installation guide

This document describes how to install firmware updates for the GR-216 receiver. GR-216 firmware can be divided into application firmware (APP) and baseband firmware (BB) according to its functions. These two firmwares play different roles and usually need to be installed together which implies one version of application firmware can only correspond to a specific version of the baseband firmware, please consult the release notes of the corresponding
firmware when installing.

Copyright Notice

Copyright (C) GOSPELL Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (2018). All
Rights Reserved.

Gospell GR-216 new firmware releasedTable of Contents

1. Precautions and Disclaimer
2. Preparations
3. Firmware Installation Procedure

1. Precautions and Disclaimer

A power failure during the firmware installation process may disable the receiver. When the user chooses to install the firmware, they acknowledge that they are aware of these risks and are willing to bear the consequences. Gospell Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is not liable for any direct damage or additional damage caused by the
user’s installation of the firmware.

  • Secure the power supply during the firmware installation
  • Do not shut off the power during the firmware installation
  • Do not press any receiver buttons during the firmware installation
  • Do not remove the USB flash drive during the firmware installation unless prompted.

2. Preparations

After the downloaded compressed file (.zip) is extracted, a firmware folder is created. The extracted folder contains the application firmware(APP) and the baseband firmware(BB) and is organized as follows:


Where YYYYMMDD represents the release date or the packaging date of the firmware.

The firmware sub folder is organized as follows(taking application firmware as an example):

|- README.txt : readme file, includes change log and version number
|- updpack.bin : firmware file
|- updpack.bin.sha256 : SHA256 checksum of the firmware file

Prepare the items required to install the firmware.

  • GR-216 receiver
  • AC cord or AC/DC power adapter
  • USB flash drive
  • Firmware update file (updpack.bin)

The application firmware and baseband firmware need to be installed separately, that is, two installation operations are required. First install the baseband firmware and then install the application firmware.

3. Firmware Installation Procedure

  • Attach a USB flash drive Format a computer and format it to FAT32 file system.
  • Copy the firmware file (updpack.bin) to the first window appears when the USB flash drive is opened.(the root directory).
  • Remove the USB flash drive from the computer.
  • Attach the USB flash drive with the firmware to the receiver.
  • Turn on the receiver by plug in the AC cord or AC/DC power adapter.
  • The firmware installation screen will appear, a progress bar will appear on the screen.
  • When the installation is complete, turn off the receiver and remove the USB flash drive.
  • Check the currently installed firmware version in menu-version.

Please find below the download link

Older version 1.4 (build 608)

of GR-216 digital receiver firmware. Improvements in this new release includes:

  • improved EWF (Emergency Warning Functionality)
  • improved Journaline decoder
  • faster DRM acquisition
  • bug fixes

364264ee0fc162d9dae4a2a65afdc2eb685a2b59 *GR-216_FIRMWARE_20180709.zip


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