FX-9B portable transceiver

FX-9B portable transceiver

TX Frequency coverage:80 – 10 meters,(Amateur radio band)
RX Frequency coverage:1.2MHz – 30 MHz
Operating mode:USB,LSB,CW

Power output:Maximum continuous adjustable 30watt SSB / CW

FX-9B portable transceiver

  • Operating Voltage:11-24V Wide voltage
  • Working current: RX 180ma—280ma TX 6A max
  • Dynamic Range:Better than 85dB
  • Stray inhibition:≥43dBc
  • carrier suppression:≥45dBc
  • Shell size: length 167mm
  • windth 96mm
  • hwight 56mm (Does not contain protrusions)
  • Housing material:aluminum CNC Processing technology and Anodizing
  • weight:1100g

The power amplifier board reserves the automatic tuner mounting hole position, Automatic antenna tuner development(optional)

  • 2.8’’ TFT lcd Resolution: 240*320
  • Power output,ALC,SWR,Modulated bar graph measurement
  • Built in 600hz CW and 2.6Khz SSB wava filter
  • AGC fast speed/slow speed/Manual selection
  • Built in shield cover
  • Built in TCXO High stable clock
  • Frequency stability:0.1ppm @ -20℃~+75℃
  • Receiving sensitivity:Better than 0.2uV
  • IPO(Intercept point optimization)and ATT Coverage
  • Two VFO,Separation function IF displacement and RIT(“Clarifier”)
  • Built in CW auto key and key(As low as 0 ms delay)

Other Features

  • Adjustable CW Spacing; CW Paddle normal/reverse select
  • Frequency automatic memory loading
  • Antenna connector is BNC

Price: US $425.86 Buy Here

FX-9B station built by BG2FX BG8DIV BH8FJA BG8FDF BD7KGQ like HAM intentions

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