ERF9530 Datasheet

ERF9530 DatasheetERF9530

RF Power MOSFET – 30MHz / 100 Watt PEP

The ERF9530 is a N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET transistor developed for RF power amplifier applications in the HF frequency range. High power in a TO-3PN package for an excellent ‘watt per dollar’ value.


• High Power and Economical:

Pout > 25W (100W PEP)

Gp > 10dB @ 12.5V, f=30MHz


Final amplification stages in mobile HF transceivers and amplifiers.


RF Power MOSFET Transistor

October 2017.

ERF9530 are the updated and improved replacements for the discontinued ERF7530 MOSFET RF power transistors.

Feature new silicon wafer designs with greatly improved quality and durability – and a better price! Palomar’s new wafer technology creates a new level of ruggedness for these RF power MOSFETs that are now able to withstand all adverse conditions – high heat, high VSWR, high voltages and current levels.

The ERF9530 is a drop-in replacement and upgrade for the ERF7530 transistor and features a new TO-3PN insulated package for the mounting screw. Is conservatively rated at 100 watts PEP.

Palomar ERF9530

Price: $4.99


Download: ERF9530_datasheet.pdf

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