DVMEGA Globetrotter

What is DVMEGA Globetrotter?

DVMEGA Globetrotter is it a new device from the dvmega with ambe 3000 which you can use via usb as an ambe stick or as an ambe server.

In server mode it works autonomously without the need for a raspberry or a pc since it has its own ambe server operating system !!!

DVMEGA Globetrotter

USB mode:

We only have to connect the device via USB to the PC and it will detect it with a com port like an ambe stick .. and select the ambe port and speed as always in BlueDv.

Server Mode :

It works by WIFI So we can connect it at home and leave it as an ambe server, or take it laptop connected to the 4g of the phone .. by not needing raspberry for server just by having the device with us or leaving it at home we can use BlueDV From anywhere in the world with both a phone and a pc

To open the server port and use it from outside the home, our router detects it as DVMEGA-AMBEServer … also once configured the screen shows the local IP that the device is using:

It has its own operating system so with the keys we can move through the menus to configure the networks, passwords, server or dongle mode and many other things… with each FW update more functions will be added !!!

Internal software:

Developed by Guus PE1PLM

Both the designs and the ambe server software run from Guus PE1PLM.

What software is it compatible with: BlueDv (PA7LIM) is the recommended and most stable software for this device, but it works with others that support both.

Connection: The one already used by many devices and mobile phones hotspot, raspberry and others.

Can I change DGID If I use fusion II or TG In DMR?

Yes, you can change the room DGID as usual at http://europelink.pa7lim.nl/ as always from the dashboard or from the DGID options From Bluedv.

In the case of the YCS system ( http://c4fm.es/ ) You can change from the DG-ID options of bluedv or connect to several DG-IDs with the Options = that we have in the bluedv .ini

DMR & D-STAR: It works as always, changing from the usual way

Soon more information

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