DMR Contact Manager

DMR Contact Manager

VERSION 2.70 RELEASED – SUPPORT FOR CS-750 / CS800D 260,000 Contacts

DMR Contact Manager is a custom-designed software package designed for use with Connect Systems CS700/CS701/CS750/CS800/CS801/CS800D radios, as well as the Tytera MD-380/390/390GPS, TYT MD2017/MD9600, AnyTone AT-D868UV and AT-D858, Retevis RT3, and similar radios that use the RDT/RDB file formats.

These units are MOTOTRBO-compatible DMR mobile radios suitable for both commercial and amateur radio applications.

DMR Contact Manager N0GSGDMR Contact Manager makes it easy to maintain channel, zone, contact and call group information in these radios. It is fully compatible with the online DMR user database systems and allows instant codeplug updates from a wide variety of sources.

The software supports channel editing, importing, and exporting, as well as zone management. Associated contact information is always imported right along with channels whenever it’s needed – – so that your imported channels work right the first time!

Codeplug contact and channel data can be freely exported to and from spreadsheets (CSV), as well as other codeplugs in the RDB and RDT formats. This allows contacts, channels, and zones to be freely moved between different types of codeplugs. Advanced edit, search, and sorting functions allow quick and easy visualization of codeplug contents.

Contact Manager features direct connectivity to online DMR user databases. Worldwide call and user information is instantly available, and directly importable into any codeplug.

Contact Manager is a free-standing, complete program. It is not dependent upon Excel or other applications, and does not require them to operate.


To install the program, proceed as follows:

1. Download the Contact Manger executable program from our website. Place it on your desktop, if desired.

The program is fully self-contained and contains no additional components, such as DLL files.

2. If you’ve installed the program on your desktop, simply double-click its icon to run it. If you installed it elsewhere, hold down the ALT key, and while continuing to hold the ALT key, left-click on the Contact Manager executable file, and drag it to your desktop. This will create a shortcut to the application.

To remove the program from the computer, simply delete the Contact Manager executable file.

Contact Manager does not make any changes to your computer’s configuration, so you can remove it at any time with no ill effects.

IMPORTANT: Contact Manager automatically unpacks three required DLLs into its running directory when it is started. These three DLLs contain the OpenSSL libraries, as well as a Visual C runtime redistributable file that is needed by OpenSSL. The three DLLs are unpacked with the hidden attribute set. These files are as follows:

libcrypto-1_1.dll (2,115,584 bytes) libssl-1_1.dll (371,200 bytes) msvcr100.dll (770,384 bytes)

These files are automatically unpacked each time the program is run. Even if you delete them, they will be recreated each time you start Contact Manager.

Additionally, Contact Manager creates a file called “CM_DBCache.dat”. This file is automatically refreshed with the latest DMR user database information when the program is started. The cache file allows nearly instant recall of daily user database information – – quite handy when you’re using the program heavily.

DMR Contact Manager is now available for download.

Latest Software Edition

This is the latest version of the program as of June 16, 2021.

ContactManager.exe (Version 2.70) – Direct download of program executable file – Build: Jun 15 2021 20:59:40 (3,735,552 bytes).

DMR Contact Manager Documentation (PDF)  This is the complete documentation for the software in PDF format.

The following enhancements are included in Version 2.70:

    • Support for the CSI CS-750 (type II) and CS800D (type IV) models, which now hold up to 260,000 contacts.
    • You can now configure DMR Contact Manager as the default application for opening codeplugs with the Associate DMR Files command. Once you select this, your codeplug files will appear with distinctive icons to make it easier for your to find them – – and they will open for you simply by double-clicking them.
    • The software now fully supports the Alinco DJ-MD40T.
    • The Alinco DJ-MD5 is also supported. IMPORTANT: For use with this model, use the CPS Tool->Export Data Conversion File command to produce a DCF file readable by Contact Manager.
    • The program supports the current Tera TR-7200/TR-7400 models, as well as both the AnyTone AT-878UV and AT-D868UV. IMPORTANT: For use with AnyTone models, use the CPS Tool->Export Data Conversion File command to produce a DCF file readable by Contact Manager.


  • Support for all previous models, including the newer Connect Systems CS800D (Types I, II, and III), CS750 (Type I), TYT MD-2017 and MD-9600 dual band DMR radios, is included. If you’ve got one of these radios, use Contact Manager to build the perfect codeplug – – use Contact Manager’s Structural Import feature to splice together information from your existing codeplug(s) and be on the air in minutes! See Section 6 of the documentation.



ContactManager.exe (Version 2.70) – Direct download of program executable file.

DMR Contact Manager Documentation (PDF)  This is the complete documentation for the software in PDF format.

N0GSG DMR Contact Manager Home Page

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