DCW-1 Digital QRP Transceiver

DCW-1 Digital QRP Transceiver

Designed by BG5ROJ it appears to take some design cues from the Elecraft KX1.

BG5ROJ was the person who designed a fairly popular external ADSP filter unit and also a handheld digital modem.

DCW-1 Digital QRP Transceiver

DCW1 General Specification:


Overall size (H x W x D): 35 x 145 x 78 mm

Full Weight: 0.53Kg (with 2 lithium pack and ATU installed) No mention if ATU and battry are included in the (somewhat) high price)

Supply voltage: 8~16.8V (3-4 cell 4.2v lithium battery is recommended) Interesting range of supply voltages

Battery charge: External 3cell balance charge unit is provided. Good to see, perhaps an indicator the battey packs are included.

Current drain
Receive 100mA typically. Not so good – the MFJ-9200 pulls 40mA on RX w/backlight off for example

Transmit 300-700mA (varies with supply voltage and power output setting)

Band covered:
Receive: 5.0-9.5 MHZ (not open in software yet) and 12.0 – 16.5MHZ

Transmit: 7.000 to 7.300 and 14.000 to 14.350MHZ and 10.1 – 10.15 MHZ
Spurious content at 3 to 4 w, 2nd harmonic -40 dB typ.

Freq control: DDS with 50MHZ TXCO (1ppm)

Disp unit: 2.23′ white OLED screen
Power meter, S meter and SWR display — Nice touch.

Digital support: BPSK31/63 QPSK QPSK/R RTTY CW can be decoded standalone.

TX in Digital mode is hoping to be supported in the future firmware.

TX power:
9V @ 1.5 ~ 2 W
12V @ 3 ~ 4 W
16.8V @ 5 ~ 6 W

Load tolerance: 2:1 or better SWR recommended

Side tone pitch: 1333HZ, 1000HZ, 800HZ, 666HZ, 571HZ, 500HZ, 444HZ, 400HZ

Keyer Speed: 8-50 WPM;

Keyer Type: Manual, Iambic_A/B, Dot_prefered, Dash_prefered, Ultimatic Good set of choices


Sensitivity Approx. 0.2 μV for 10 dB (S+N)/N

I.F. 5.000 MHz, single conversion

Selectivity. 4-pole variable-bandwidth crystal

Filter, approx. 300-2000 Hz Looks to be set via front panel control
Audio output. 0.1 watt into 8-ohm load; stereo plug required.

The rig is offered/made/designed (marked with callsign) BG5ROJ of the BG5ROJ Group.

The Ebay Sellers name seems both odd and likely an infringement.

US $339.99

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