Car Shortwave Radio BST-1 receiver

Car Shortwave Radio BST-1 Receiver

Shortwave Radio In Your Car !

The BST-1 is a shortwave receiver intended for vehicular use. It operates from a standard 11-14 V DC automotive electrical system. It has a 2-25 MHz AM shortwave receiver that tunes in 5 KHz channels and a built-in FCC Part 15 compliant FM transmitter.

The FM transmitter allows the shortwave audio to be received by the vehicle’s FM radio and audio system. The tuned shortwave frequency and signal level will also be displayed on vehicle FM radios that have RDS capability. The BST-1 is tuned by wireless remote control using a FCC Part 15 compliant 433 MHz key fob (Produced by other suppliers) that communicates with a 433 MHz data receiver in the BST-1.

Listen to Worldwide Shortwave Broadcasting

Now, with the BST-1 receiver, you can listen to thousands of FREE broadcasts, from the U.S and foreign countries around the world.  While you drive, hear music, talk, sports, information, and religious programming in English and many other languages.

While there are millions of shortwave receivers in use in homes around the world, enthusiastic shortwave listeners have long been limited in the ability to listen in their cars and trucks.

In the United States, car radios have very rarely included shortwave coverage due primarily to efforts by the AM/FM broadcasting lobby to prevent additional competition.

Dedicated shortwave listeners have had to resort to compromises and install “converters” or adapted home shortwave receivers for car use.  This gives compromise performance, awkward tuning and frequency display, as well as front-seat clutter from wires and the front-seat radios.

All those obstacles to shortwave mobile reception have been eliminated with the BST-1.

The BST-1 is a small, but very high performance DSP based shortwave receiver that mounts out of sight in the trunk or rear deck area of your vehicle.  You tune it with a small handheld key fob and the shortwave audio is broadcast to your car FM radio – no connections or modifications to your car’s audio system are required.

Car FM radio RDS shows BST-1 tuned to 9840 KHz The car FM radio is on 88.5 MHz, one of the four FM transmitter frequencies of the BST-1

It tunes with a small wireless key fob controller
Shortwave frequency readout appears on any FM radio with RDS display 

Easy to install.

No direct connection to your car radio or audio system is needed. The audio from the shortwave frequency tuned by the BST-1 is broadcast to your vehicle’s FM radio.  Four FM frequencies can be easily set by the wireless controller, so there will always be a clear FM frequency in your driving area.

The tuned shortwave frequency and signal strength is displayed on FM receivers that have RDS (data) capability (most cars within last 5 years do have this).

If your FM radio doesn’t have RDS, the BST-1 still works.  You can simply use the scan feature by pressing one button on the key-fob controller to start a scan the pre-programmed 50 frequencies. It will stop on the first active station and remain on the channel until scanning is resumed by pressing one button.

If you don’t have RDS in your car FM radio and want to add or delete presets, follow this link for a simple way to accomplish this.
Programming Presets without RDS in your car

Programming presets if you don’t have RDS

 If you don’t have RDS and want to add or delete preset channels, try this method:
Find a friend who has a vehicle with RDS on their FM radio.  Park your car next to their car with your BST-1 turned on.  Go to their vehicle and set their FM radio on your BST-1 frequency.  You will hear the BST-1 from your vehicle and you should also be able to use the key fob controller to tune your BST-1.
Now, with the frequency being displayed on the RDS in that friend’s car, you can easily add or delete various preset channels following the instructions on the key-fob controller tag.
Compact and rugged.the BST-1 is designed to be located out of sight in the trunk or rear dec  k ar  ea, safe from theft, and removed from radio interference from the vehicle’s electronic systems.  A 10 foot power cable from a cigarette power adapter (supplied) operates the BST-1.

Easy To Use – The BST-1 has a 2 button, wireless remote control that you can operate without taking your eyes off the road.

Wireless Key Fob Type Controller

With the controller and only two buttons, you have 10 different functions determined by how long you depress a button.

The most often used functions are just a quick press.  One button starts a scan of channels and the other single steps through the channels with each press.

To access other, rarely used functions, the time you hold down a button is measured and a “cue” of 1 beep tone is given at 1 second, 2 beep tones at 2 seconds, 3 beep tones at 3 seconds and 4 beep tones at 4 seconds.  If you release the button after hearing the desired “cue” tone, a function is selected.  This is the method of selecting tuning direction (up/down)  preset or manual tuning, high or low sensitivity, audio fidelity (voice or music), FM transmit channels, and addition or deletion of preset channels.   There is even a function to quick tune to the WWV time frequencies or annunciate the tuned frequency in Morse code.


Excellent sensitivity – Less than 1 microvolt at antenna connector provides at least 6 dB S+N/N.

Full Automatic Gain Control – Very weak and strong stations will have the same audio level.

Full Shortwave band coverage – tune to any 5 kHz spacing AM channel from 2.3 to 26.1 MHz.   Coverage is actually from 150 KHz to 30 MHz but with reduced sensitivity when operating outside of the normal shortwave bands, especially below 1.8 MHz.  This extended frequency range lets you listen to the 10 and 160 meter ham radio bands as well as CB channels in the 27 MHz range.  If you are close to the transmitter, you can also hear airport beacons in the long wave 200 to 400 KHz band.

DSP (digital signal processor) selectivity – Sharp 3 kHz for speech or wider bandwidth for music.
Digital Processing Noise Blanker – A digital noise blanker greatly eliminates any spark plug noise that can disrupt reception.
Built-in high-fidelity crystal controlled FM transmitter with RDS to display actual shortwave frequency and preset channel number/ “S” meter on the vehicle’s FM radio.

Four broadcast FM frequencies are selectable by the Key Fob Controller so you always have a clear FM channel when driving to different areas.  Programmed with 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, and 88.9 MHz – one of these channels will always be unassigned in any driving area.

If you know the Morse code for the numbers 0-9 (very easy to learn), you can use the Key-Fob to activate a Morse code annunciation of tuned frequency.   This aids in operation if your FM receiver doesn’t have RDS display or if you can’t look at the display on the FM radio while driving.

Key-Fob command for instant selection of WWV channels on 5,10,15, and 20 MHz for accurate time and signal propagation checks.

High or Low sensitivity selection by Key Fob so optimum performance can always be obtained during conditions of very strong signals.

Rugged construction for operation in hostile automotive temperature and vibration environments.

Memory storage of up to 100 preset channels.  Preset channel is indicated on the FM radio RDS display.

The BST-1 can be manually tuned to any 5 KHz channel in the turning range and that new frequency stored in preset memory (up to 100 presets).  Note that the BST-1 radio is AM reception only so 5 KHz tuning intervals is optimum since all International Shortwave stations are on 5 KHz channels.

Pre-programmed with 50 popular U.S. and International shortwave stations and WWV at 5,10,15 and 20 MHz.   The BST-1 is ready to start listening right away.  Easily add or delete preset channels using the Key Fob controller.

DC car power adapter – 11 to 15 Volts at approximately 80ma.  To reduce battery drain if your vehicle has an un-switched car power outlet, after 2 hours of tuning inactivity the BST-1 automatically enters a lower current “sleep mode” of 20 ma.   Turn back on with a touch of a button on the Key Fob Controller.   The supplied power adapter also has an on/off button with a power indicator.

Power Adapter

Included in the purchase price is the BST-1, Key Fob Controller, and Car Power Adapter (10 foot power cord).    The external whip antenna is not included and available separately from other suppliers.

INTRODUCTORY PRICE – $209.00  U.S. Sales only
We should be able to take orders in very early 2016.
Contact sales  for information on foreign sales

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