BazookaStick Handmade CB antennas

BazookaStick Handmade CB antennas

Handmade CB radio antennas “Made in Germany”

BazookaStick Handmade CB antennas

The “BazookaStick” is an end-fed vertical half-wave dipole. The antenna is not industrially produced mass product. Rather, each antenna is individually manufactured after receipt of order by hand and – as the producers – “metrologically optimized”. Customer requests can be considered.

The antenna is provided as antenna wire for hanging with prices starting at 50 euros, or together with a 7.5-meter fiberglass telescopic pole, ground anchor and standing wave barrier 90 Euro.

Fast assembly

Move every minute counts during assembly and disassembly, and everything has to work smoothly. The BazookaStick antennas are a few simple steps for use (without tools) and allow it to be QRV quickly. suspended Whether by pole or a wire antenna – there are countless ways to enjoy the hobby to new experience.

handy pack size

All BazookaSticks hold a national DHL parcel measurement and are extremely travel friendly. Its light weight makes even the largest model – with all MFP Options – nor the carrying on SOTA use. We also offer the possibility to adjust the antenna for their particular application.

good performance

BazookaSticks secure even under difficult conditions good ranges. Our product has been optimized for high-altitude locations as well as less good starting conditions in valleys. The building safe design and very low-loss signal routing ensure optimum operating conditions.

good adaptation

selectively in use range

The BazookaSticks are broadband vertical mono band antennas. In the development was explicitly ensured that it has a high degree of compatibility with the operating frequency, without losing efficiency. The perfect choice of materials, this antenna has since 2 meters above ground is a good VSWR and is also already voted done!

complex line theory

great advantage of the transceiver power

BazookaSticks make the half-wave antenna very portable. By providing low loss wiring, a good energy conversion is achieved, despite the wide range of other model types. The closed design of cable and antenna working in harmony with each other. The integrated standing wave barrier is also equipped with adapted and is an absolute novelty in this price range.

harmonious History

Intelligent solutions in detail

Often it is the small inconspicuous things that make life in portable applications easier. The BazookaStick antenna is full with these ideas. Discover our innovative transformations. All materials are selectively chosen and in very high quality, also harmonious, electrically and mechanically harmonized with one another.

An antenna shape with many names that describe more or less this type of antenna. Open-J antenna, RFL antenna (resonant feed line), balun antenna, center-fed dipole, end-fed dipole, half-wave with reactive component compensation, endges. Bazooka Antenna, quarter-wave resonant-Fußpunktkreis etc. The first prototypes of this type of antenna are documented from the 40s. Through our numerous improvements to the basic model, is really just following name correctly: “BazookaStick”

BazookaSticks are handmade in Germany. The materials used come from local farms predominate. When selecting the components, special emphasis was placed on a good ratio of weight and durability. The BazookaStick is designed uncompromisingly low loss QRP operation. The complete renunciation of power guzzling broadband adjustments, ensures an unobstructed signal path without detours. Our means of adaptation are: “resonance wavelength and filtering”

Often too little time for the hobby and the construction of complex antenna systems remains overwhelmed many radio friends. These often come poor conditions at home QTH or a ban on fixed structure of a high antenna. Our solution: The BazookaStick! A Portabel- or Stand mobile operating permits from the radio operator of great locations undisturbed to be QRV with significant better conditions finally. The BazookaStick was developed from the claim out to be operational in a few steps and to provide optimal performance in portable applications. The BazookaStick is supplied with integrated 7,50m mast and has characterized his feed at 2.20 above ground. In order to go into operation, only the radio must be connected virtually.

Those who already have a fiberglass mast (not metal or carbon) will take place in “TreeHanger” a version to hang (eg for trees, towers etc. suitable). Optionally a high standing wave barrier manufactured by us is available. This effectively prevents the formation of standing waves on the feed line and ensures that the power is radiated only via the antenna. (For power ratings above 15 watts, we always recommend the use of a standing wave barrier.) Please note this when ordering – the standing wave barrier is in production on the tail “shrunk” – and is therefore an integral part of the antenna system. However, a subsequent upgrade is possible.

Components & prices

Here you will find the various individual components as variants from BazookaStick in a product presentation.

The antenna is a private development. Planning, implementation, development and production on a private level. The portfolio has in advance the nature of a product. If you have questions or are seriously interested please contact us in direct contact!

Listed below the BazookaStick as pure antenna (TreeHanger) or complete system for direct field application (grounder) and the mounting kit to place other antennas. So we want to give you the opportunity to find an individual solution based on the personal needs and use. In a direct conversation with us we will gladly answer all detail and go on directly.

all from one hand. The BazookaStick antenna and a complete kit for fast smooth setup

the BazookaStick of silvered copper with high quality UHF Connectors Specialty & ferrite core Mantellwellensperre (MWS).

mounting hardware consists of GRP telescopic mast and a ground anchor incl. aluminum lever for screwing

To order

Interested in one of our BazookaStick models. You can send us your order request.

You also have the opportunity to be informed in detail and get answered last questions. We always try to answer your inquiry immediately and to contact us personally side. After order confirmation you have with “PayPal Checkout” the possibility of direct online payment. Of course, we also support traditional direct debit.

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