at-d868uv firmware

at-d868uv firmware

AT-D868UV firmware update V1.36 and V2.36

Hardware V1.0Please use the firmware V1.32 for updating the radio.

Hardware V1.1Please use the firmware V2.32 for updating the radio.

V1.36 and V2.36 Improvements (dated 2019-10-29)

1.    Improved the audio drop out issue.

2.    Improved the issue that the radio stuck on RX display when the signal drops Firmware: 1.36 / 2.36 CPS: 1.35 SCT3258 Ver: 2.01.05NJ


1.    Since we have increased a Squelch off option for Analog mode afterwards FW2.23, when you open an old codeplug, please reset the analog squelch firstly.

2.    Some reports the exported Talk Groups are missing some information, please remember to check on the boxes when you need more information, in CPS- Tool – Extended function.

at-d868uv firmware

3. Tool – Export Data Conversion File, it will allow you save a codeplug in .dcf file.

The exported .dcf file can be opened by latest 2.50 Contact Manager. Also you can directly load the .dcf file to CPS2.25 with changing the file open type to .dcf file.

at-d868uv firmware


D868UV_V1.36 official 191029

D868UV_V2.36 official 191029


How to know your firmware version

at-d868uv firmware

Hardware V1.0 — Please use the firmware V1 .xx for updating the radio.

Hardware V1.1 — Please use the firmware V2.xx for updating the radio.

If you use wrong firmware for updating, the radio will not work, but it is not broken. After load into correct firmware, it will work fine.

Actually the V1 and V2 firmware are almost same, just in/out is different, so every time when Engineer make updates, he will issue 2 firmwares at the same time.

The V1.1 hardware has below difference compare with V1.0 hardware.

1)    no jumper wire

2)    CPU IC in/out pin is different.

Important notice for DMR APRS:

A)    When the radio transmitting or receiving DMR APRS data, the radio will not respond to any other operations. The transmit cycle for DMR APRS signals is very short and this should not be an issue for normal use.

at-d868uv firmware

B)    Some users may get the DMR APRS working perfectly, but others users may have issues getting DMR APRS working. We don’t actually know the reason why it doesn’t work for everyone, but we believe local conditions with servers and networks may cause these issues.

C)    If you have issues getting the DMR APRS working, please know that it is not a radio hardware issue. We believe it is likely to be FW or Hotspot / Repeater / BM set up problems if it doesn’t work. As we receive feedback on issues will continue to make improvements in the FW and try to address any repeatable issues.

D)    Since the D868UV radio’s CPU has limited memory space, we cannot add DMR APRS operations to the radio menu, you can only set up DMR APRS in programming CPS.

E)    GPS location DMR APRS sending only works when the GPS is positioned successfully.

F)    Please note that DMR-APRS sending may be interrupted if the selected radio Time Slot for DMR-APRS use has other traffic on it Anytone welcomes feedback and constructive comments for the DMR APRS feature and we are committed to continuing to improve this mode of operation. Please contact your dealer with your comments.

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