AT-D578UV software


D578UV Firmware Changelog

See the Separate FW Update Instructions for Details

•    Install the Customer Program Software (CPS) by running the D578UV CPS Setup x.xx.exe setup program in the CPS Program Folder

•    After installing a new D578UV CPS version go to the top Menu -> Tool-> Options in the CPS to set GPS, BT, 500 Hour Record and APRS options as needed

Please make sure the codeplug is saved to PC before your do the update and reset.

USB Drivers: Many users have found the Anytone radio USB will connect in Windows 10 without loading the AnyTone virtual drivers. The PC found Windows the driver that worked just by plugging in and turning on the radio.

If you get a new radio and your PC is Windows 10 system, do not install the GD32 virtual driver. *** Just plug the radio USB cable in to the USB port on your PC and let windows find the driver. *** If Windows 10 fails to load a USB driver please see the separate Virtual USB Driver Installation Instructions.

AT-D578UV firmware update V1.03 (dated 2019-10-31)

Change List

1.    In CPS->Optional Setting -> Key function -> Short key push, long key push, allows the channel selector programmable for different functions.

2.    Resolved the analog APRS can not reach issue.

3.    Resolved the issue that the GPS info doesn’t show on screen when press the programmed “GPS info” key in an analog channel.

4.    Resolved the issue that digital – digital cross band repeater function will cause the radio stuck.

5.    Improved the MMDVM RX signal chopping issue.

6.    Resolved the issue that B band digital channel no audio when A band analog channel in scanning mode.

7.    Resolved the green indicate light flash issue during scan.

8.    Improved the Weather alarm function.

9.    Resolved the issue that digital-analog cross band repeater function doesn’t work when digital monitor is ON.

10.    In CPS->Optional Setting -> Key function, new key function “repeater” which allows to assign a key to turn ON/OFF the cross band repeater function.

11.    Resolved the issue that # key will not save the contact and color code when digital monitor is ON.

12.    In radio menu – setting – radio set – Fan open, add “both” option to allow the fan open in both conditions.

13.    When cross band repeater function is ON, the TX prohibit function will be invalid.

14.    Resolved the cross band repeater sometimes doesn’t TX.

15.    Improved the MMDVM RX signal will cause radio stuck issue.

16.    Resolved the band doesn’t correctly save in DCF file.

17.    Resolved the issue that AES code only 32numbers when open a codeplug.

18.    Resolve the issue that APRS import/export doesn’t work well.

19.    When repeater function is ON, the radio will auto disable Optional Setting – Volume/Audio – Maximum Volume, to resolve the low audio issue in repeater mode.

20.    Resolved the issue that Menu and Exit key on microphone is invalid when repeater function is ON.

21.    Resolved the issue that certain callers will not decode and show up as being received on the D578UV radio

Firmware version: V1.03

CPS version: V1.03

SCT 3258 version: 2.01.07BA

BT version: 10034

Download: CPS Version 1.03


AT-D578UV Mobile Radio Firmware Update Instructions

Note: Once the radio is put in the FW update mode you must complete the FW Update Write to prevent the radio from staying in the Update Mode **

1. ) Power the radio “ON”.

2. ) Press and Hold both the MENU and EXIT keys, and power the radio “OFF” You may see a non-relevant message on the display, but keep holding the 3 buttons until you get the blinking red light over the power-off button.

3. ) The red LED light should now blinking, and the radio has entered into firmware update mode.

4. ) Use the USB cable to connect radio to your PC.

5. ) Open the radio Computer Programming Software (CPS) and go to TOOLS > Firmware Update

AT-D578UV software

6. ) Select the Open File button and select the appropriate D578UV.spi file in the FW Update folder

7. ) Check and Set the Com Port that is correct for your PC connected to the radio.

8. ) Select the Write button to write the new FW to the radio.

9. ) After the firmware update is finished, you must perform a Reset of the Radio (MCU Reboot).

Radio Reset / MCU Reboot

1)    To Reset the Radio: Press and Hold the two front panel keys P2 and the Channel Knob (the one above the microphone connector) Hold these two keys while turning on the radio and it will reboot the radio into the Reset Mode.

2)    The radio Reset Screen will appear and ask you to Confirm the reset by pressing the Menu key on the front panel. The reset itself will take a minute or more.

AT-D578UV software

3) After completing the reset, the Calibration Date settings screen will open. You need to set the correct information by using the Channel Knob. Pushing the Channel Knob will navigate through the GMT, Date and Time fields, Rotating the Channel Knob will allow you to change the settings. When finished setting the data, use the Menu button to Confirm and the radio will reboot.

AT-D578UV software


4) After successfully resetting the radio, your codeplug will be gone and the factory smaller version loaded. You should now load your saved Code Plug into the radio. Check the Com Port, and from the CPS write your codeplug into the radio. No special set-up is required to write a codeplug into the radio.

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