AR-DV1 TAI Starter Kit

AR-DV1 Tablet App

AR-DV1 TAI Starter Kit

AR-DV1 Tablet App AR-DV1 TAI Starter Kit

AR-DV1 TAI uses a single board computer Raspberry Pi,  It is an application for tablet terminals to remotely control the digital voice receiver AR-DV1 of AOR.

This product is AR-DV1 TAI software built-in boot media (microSD), single board computer Rasberry Pi 3 B +, Plugable audio. A kit that includes a USB adapter, cables, and a set of instructions, enabling remote operation with an AR-DV1 tablet terminal immediately.

Using a web app that runs on an internet browser such as a tablet. Realizes the function to operate the AR-DV1 receiver and listen to the received audio. The software source code is available on GitHub.

You can also create your own web application. You can try out the API immediately with the built-in sample web application. Compatible with AR-DV1 firmware 1903A or later.  The handy digital receiver AR-DV10 is also supported. (However, some functions are not supported)
* The image AR-DV1 and iPad are not included in this product.


Operating environment Computer: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B +
Audio input adapter: Plugable USB audio adapter Startup media: microSDHC (Class 10 UHS-I A1)
Compatible models AOR AR-DV1 Firmware 1903A or later (only one unit can be controlled)
AOR AR-DV10 (some commands are not supported)
Connection with receiver Control: USB Type-A jack Audio input: 3.5φ jack (monaural)
Network connection Wireless access point: 802.11b / g / a-2.5GHz WPA2 DHCP service operation
LAN: 10/100 / 1000BASE-T DHCP client operation
Power supply AC adapter: DC5V 2.5A, AC100V-240V (50 / 60Hz) microUSB plug
Case dimensions 62mm (W) × 26mm (H) × 92mm (D)
Media for connection MicroSDHC card 16GB Class 10 UHS-I A1
AR-DV1 TAI OS (built-in software)
Base OS package: Raspbian Stretch Lite 2018-11-13 Kernel 4.14
Software components Node js Web server, voice transmission server
Java Script library for AR-DV1 receiver VFO mode
jQuery, jQuery mobile, Chart.js, sdr.js, mathbox.js, moment.js, etc.
Number of concurrent clients In principle, 1 (both wireless and wired LAN)
Communication port Control: TCP 3000 (fixed)
Audio transmission: TCP 3000 (fixed)
Sample web application operation confirmation browser iPad: Safari
Kindle Fire HD: Amazon Silk
Android Tablet: Chrome

* There is a bug that cannot play audio on some iPad 6th generation models. Please be careful when using it.

Product code: AR-DV1 TAI
Manufacturer: AOR Ltd.
Standard price: 27,000 yen
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