AR-DV1 firmware compatible with TETRA

AR-DV1 firmware (beta version) compatible with TETRA TC mode has been released!

Digital Voice / Receiver AR-DV1 firmware 1812 A (BETA) has been released.

In this firmware, it was possible to demodulate the Traffic / Channel of the TETRA trunking network used in airport contact etc. Which could not be demodulated in the existing “T-DM” (TETRA direct mode) A new reception mode “T-TC” has been added. However, since it is a BETA version, it would be greatly appreciated if you could try it and give us feedback on the reception status etc.

Public transportation facilities such as airports become very crowded during year-end and New Year holidays. Since it is anticipated that opportunities to receive communication in “T-TC” mode are expected to increase, we decided to release the BETA version ahead of the official release ahead of time. Please try this new reception by all means on this occasion.

AR-DV1 firmware compatible with TETRA

AR-DV1 firmware compatible with TETRA

Firmware version: 1812 A (1812 A. DV 1/1812 A. DV 2)
· New reception mode: “T-TC” addition TETRA trunking · System traffic · Demodulation of channels


To perform the firmware (system) updates, refer to AR-DV1 Firmware Update Procedures.
To perform the update, read the following precautions and additional notes first.
If your browser does not allow download of the firmware file format (xxxx.DV2 or xxxx.DV1) then download the zipped version (.DV1 and .DV2 files included) and extract the firmware file afterwards.


  • Do not power down or pull SD card while updating.
    An interruption during updating may cause a failure in data re-writing, and your AR-DV1 may stop functioning normally or cause the damage to the receiver.
  • New SD or SDHC Card (more than 128MB memory) is required.
    If you use used SD/SDHC card, be sure to format the SD/SDHC card with appropriate SD card formatter, since the Windows formatter may cause incompatible format to the AR-DV1 in some case.
  • After download, extract the zip file and copy only the “.DV1” or “.DV2” firmware file onto the root directory of your SD/SDHC card.
  • Upon completion of firmware (system) update, the AR-DV1 automatically reboot the system. If no reboot is observed, turn-off the AR-DV1 by pressing the VOL knob for a while. Turn ON the AR-DV1 again to enable the new firmware (system).

This firmware update will clear all your channel, bank and configuration memory data. It is therefore advised to make a backup on SD card as described chapter 5-2 of the user manual, and to restore this data after the firmware update.
The update procedure takes about 90 seconds to complete. Under no circumstances the update procedure should be interrupted by switching the receiver off, removing the SD card, or cutting the power! Sudden interruption of the procedure is likely to corrupt system memory and therefore brick the receiver. This action would not be covered by warranty.

There are two different files to accommodate two different PCB board versions (features & performance are the same).

For receivers with serial numbers 09523001 and higher, use the firmware with the extension .DV2
For receivers with serial numbers below 09523001, use the firmware with the extension .DV1
For USA customers with serial numbers starting with 09560xxx kindly ask to which firmware extension you should use.

As a security feature, the receiver will only display and accept firmware compatible with its PCB board version, however do NOT attempt to change the firmware’s file name or extension! Trying to force an uncompatible firmware update is likely to brick the receiver. This action would not be covered by warranty.

If you want to report a bug, kindly send your receiver’s system and memory data (see manual chapter 5.2)
to with the subject: AR-DV1 bug report.
Please describe in detail under which condition the problem appears. LCD screenshots or a short video
may also be very helpful. Thanks!

Download from here


AR-DV1 AR-DV1 Receiver Firmware Version 1812A (BETA) Update Dec 21, 2018 Download: (786kB) .DV2 (737kB) .DV1 (975MB) .ZIP


(c)2018 AOR, LTD.

Dec 21, 2018

The following feature has been added:
– Addition of T-TC mode (for Tetra Traffic Channel)
Important: This is BETA firmware of which only purpose is for you to test voice decoding of the traffic channels of Tetra trunking networks. Full instructions *here*. For normal receiver use (other than trunking), please use the stable firmware release 1805A.

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