AR-DV1 factory preset data

Currently shipping digital voice receiver AR-DV1 (domestic specification) has been pre – shipped with memory channel data, search data etc pre – shipped, but customers who purchased AR – DV 1 without the initial preset Or, we have received inquiries about recovery from customers who changed the preset. Although our company does not accept recovery work to the factory preset, we have made it possible to download the preset data from this page, please download and use the necessary one.

This data is data registered in the receiver body at the time of product shipment. Not only search / memory data but also other settings are included. Please use it when you want to return the product to the shipping state etc.

Since it will be overwritten by writing to the receiver, please do the system BACKUP on the SD card beforehand for important data. If you want to reset all data including memory data, please perform a full reset in the config menu.

AR-DV1 factory preset data

How to use

1, Extract the downloaded “” file.
2, Copy system.csv in the “AR – DV1 _ system_data” folder to the attached SD card.
3, Insert the SD card into the AR – DV 1.
4, Turn on the power, wait until the SD card mark turns on.
5, Pressing the “●” recording key after pressing the [F] key will bring you to the SD CARD menu.
6, Press the [ENT] key in LIST VIEW.
7, select system_DV1.csv from within LIST with [UP] [DOWN] key and press [ENT] key to execute.
It will be completed in about 8 or 10 seconds.

Please download from here .

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