APRS Tracker X1C3

aprs tracker kitX1C3 is a professional APRS dual-segment station that uses standard APRS digital encoding to directly locate each other directly via radio U/V signals. No mobile phone network needed, can be directly used for transmission and reception, widely used in outdoor sports, rescue and other occasions.

X1C3 APRS Tracker


  • APRS Track
  • Support fixed station FIXED, sports SPORT, 2 site modes
  • Complete TRACK tracker, support intelligent, timing, PTT linkage, queue beacon
  • Beacon additional information, mileage, satellite number, voltage, temperature, air pressure, etc.
  • Support mileage calculation, support accumulated mileage or automatically clear 0 Support for automatic icons (TRACK smart mode)
  • GPS power saving mode (TRACK PTT linkage mode, TRACK timing mode)


Built-in latest 2.0+4.0 dual-mode Bluetooth, compatible with Android, Apple Support Bluetooth output KISS hex, UI, GPWPL, KISS ASC, GS232B and other protocols Support Bluetooth output GPS data (GPRMC+GPGGA), support mixed output Support Bluetooth KISS data bidirectional transparent transmission Support Liuyun, APRSdroid, LOCUS, Ovi and other APP Support wireless Bluetooth setting parameters

APRS digipeater

Support full DIGI repeater function, support custom repeater name,

Support digipeater remote turn-off function


Remote control peripheral module sensor input and relay telemetry control module GPS/Beidou/GLONASS

Built-in high-performance GPS\Beidou\GLONASS multi-mode hybrid positioning engine

APRS algorithm

Built-in advanced CMX hardware programming algorithm Built-in 8-level digital level adjuster (both transmitting and receiving)

Data analysis

Built-in advanced algorithm to support rich data analysis Support heading, north position, relative motion position calculation Support Maidenhead grid positioning system

Supports trigonometric calculations such as APRS distance, horizontal angle, and elevation angle Support automatic tracking control of G5500 aircraft, ships, etc.


  • Support battery USB direct charging
  • Built-in auxiliary sensors for temperature and voltage
  • Support user independent firmware upgrade
  • Support off-network use, no network, direct mutual positioning software
  • Companion PC setup software (Chinese, English) (requires .NET 4.0)


Lithium batteries are not allowed to be placed in places exposed to high temperatures.

1,    Pay attention to the positive and negative of the battery, it is strictly prohibited to reverse, the reverse of the motherboard will be damaged.

2,    Lithium batteries are forbidden to be placed in the car for high temperature exposure. For long-term storage and transportation, please unplug the battery.

3,    GPS test, please go to the outdoor test.

4,    The GPS signal is affected by the environment such as rain and fog weather and building signal reflection. The starting time is 1-5 minutes.

5,    The APRS beacon will be transmitted when the GPS is locked.

6,    the battery is lower than 3.05V will automatically shut down, protect the battery.

7,    boot STU, MODE light flash white, the state red light flashes several times, indicating the power.

6 flashes, greater than 4.1V 100%

5 times flash, greater than 3.8V 80%

Flash 4 times, greater than 3.5V 60%

Flash 3 times, greater than 3.2V 40%

Flash 2 times, greater than 3.05V 20%

Flash 1 time, less than 3.05V 0% The motherboard automatically shuts down to protect the battery.

Motherboard hardware features:

Input working voltage: 3.3-5V Standby current: less than 40uA Emission current: about 0.35A Motherboard size: 50*60mm 3.3V low voltage CPU STC8A8K USB/TTL interface (9600 rate)

Support ISP firmware upgrade Aluminum shell (black oxide treatment)

Motherboard resource support:

  • USB charging port, compatible with mobile phone jack
  • Integrated power management, the motherboard can work at the same time when charging
  • Built-in GPS module, GPS antenna
  • Integrated expansion PTT\MIC\SP\GND headphone jack
  • Integrated Kenwood K-type microphone connector
  • Support hand microphone to manually transmit

Tri-color LED indicator

1 touch function switch 1 touch power switch Built-in 2000MA lithium battery (with protection)

Optional: DS18B2O temperature sensor


Front panel

APRS Tracker X1C3

CHG charging indicator:

Always on: Charging

Off: no charging or charging completed

USB charging socket:

Micro USB phone universal 3.5 + 2.5 headphone jack Connect K-type hand microphone RJ11 socket

Connecting the HT (cable sequence NC SP PTT GND MIC NC)

Rear panel

APRS Tracker X1C3

POWER Tap the power switch: recessed design to prevent false triggering. Press to power on or off.

MODE touch function switch: recessed design to prevent false triggering. Bluetooth switch

Each time you press it, cycle through:

STU status LED light (tri-color lights):

Blue flashing: GPS power is on, positioning Steady blue: GPS positioning succeeded Red: launch beacon

Green: Received beacon

The beacon will only be transmitted when the GPS is successfully locked.

STU status LED light other status:

1.    When the motherboard is started, the LED is white for 1 second, indicating that the self-test is completed.

2.    Power on, red LED indicates power.

6 flashes, greater than 4.1V 100%

5 times flash, greater than 3.8V 80%

Flash 4 times, greater than 3.5V 60%

Flash 3 times, greater than 3.2V 40%

Flash 2 times, greater than 3.05V 20%

Flash 1 time, less than 3.05V 0% Replace the battery as soon as possible

Note: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.05V, the device can still work for a long time.

The actual minimum operating voltage of the motherboard is 3V, which is lower than 3.05V. The measured battery voltage value will be incorrect, and the measured voltage will be constant at 3.0V.

Price: $59.20

X1C3 User Manual
APRS setting program

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