AOR DA1500 discone antenna

AOR DA1500 discone antenna for wideband reception

AOR DA1500 discone antennaAOR DA1500 is a multi-purpose wideband antenna that receives 70 to 1500MHz continuous. This 13 elements discone design offers the best performance possible in an omni-directional antenna whilst being small in size and light weight.

The antenna is only 92cm high and attaches to any (non-supplied) mast from 25 to 50mm in diameter, with the two supplied V-bolts. It is recommended for places where space is limited, such as on balconies.

DA1500 is supplied with a 15m long coaxial cable with a BNCP connector at the receiver side. For greater compatibility with a wide range of receivers, a BNCJ to NP adapter is also supplied.

Release date: Shipment will start from mid-July 2021
Standard price: 135.63 USD

AOR DA1500 discone antenna SPECIFICATIONS

Frequency range 70-1500 MHz
Pattern Omnidirectional
Gain (typ.) 2dBi (cable loss excluded)
Impedance 50Ω
Rated wind velocity 50m/sec.
Connector M-J
Compatible mast diameter 25-50mm
Dimensions Height: 92 cm Diameter: 53cm
Weight Approx. 600g (antenna body & support pipe)
Supplied Accessories -Coax. cable RG-58A/U, 15m with MP-BNCP connectors -BNCJ-NP adapter

■    All specifications subject to change without notice.

■    NOT intended for transmitting

■    ROHS compliant

Radiation patterns

AOR DA1500 discone antenna

Assembly instructions:

AOR DA1500 discone antenna

1. Insert the two L size disc elements horizontally into the antenna body, facing each other at 180 degrees. Then insert the four S size disc elements. Set the washer, spring washer on top and screw in the top element with a spanner.

* Make sure that the six elements do not wobble.

2. Screw in the two L size cone elements with spring washer and nut, sideways into the antenna body, in the same direction than the L size disc elements. Then screw in the four S sized cone elements. Fasten the six cone elements with a spanner.

3. Attach the support pipe to a (non-supplied) suitable mast, with the mast brackets and V-bolts.

4. Pass the coaxial cable (MP connector side) from the bottom through the support pipe and connect it to the antenna.

5. Attach the antenna to the support pipe with the antenna mounting screw, after aligning the antenna and support pipe holes.

6. Double check the overall balance between the mast, mounting brackets, support pipe and the antenna. Finally check that all screws are firmly tightened.

WARNING! Use a safety helmet and a safety belt while installing the antenna. Be sure to choose a location where the antenna cannot injure someone in case it falls. Secure the antenna against strong wind and vibrations. Check regularly that the antenna is still firmly attached. DA1500 is not intended for transmit purposes. Use it for reception only!

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